Friday, October 11, 2013

Catching up...again.

We've had a full week...but not much going on in the quilting department and that makes for a grouchy Michelle.  :P  Hubby's step mom has been here visiting for the last 8-9 we (I) was busy entertaining her.  We had a nice visit, and it's always a good feeling having life back to normal after visitors.  The tragic part was this is the ONLY picture I got of her.  Bad, bad step-daughter-in-law.  LOL  The base fire department held a fall festival and this was some fire hydrant dude.  At least is shows hubby and step mom together!

A lot happened over the week she was here...the big news is we had our first snowfall of the season!
It was sure pretty, but the wind was fierce and COLD.  

This is my favorite mums and pumpkin covered in snow....

The snow came on Friday, was gone by Sunday, and by Monday the temps were in the 70's with beautiful blues skies.

 I think I've mentioned the pronghorn living on base before...they are a type of antelope and we have around 400 living and protected on base.  Well, apparently it's mating season.  This picture shows something we haven't seen until now, so I Googled it.  Usually, you only see 2-3 together or singles.  I found out that during mating season, a male pronghorn will gather a group of females and keep them clustered like this (click picture for a bigger view)....

Same field, but I couldn't get him in the picture...but here is the male keeping watch.

 I think this is the same group a little later...they are all females here.  Another odd thing happening now...they've been running/chasing each other like crazy.  Males chasing males and males chasing females (of course).  But the sad part is...they dart out into the roads and even though we have restricted speed limits on base (20-30 mph maximum), accidents still happen.  I've seen/heard of 2-3 killed on base this week.  Crazy, hormone filled creatures!!  LOL

 The other wildlife activity we've had around here...remember that perfect pumpkin scene from the picture above?  This is what I woke up to a few days later....

Yes, I have my own Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater on my hands and I caught him in the act!!  Stinkin' little squirrel!  But then I started thinking, the poor little guy probably has a big family to provide for, so then I felt good about providing some squirrel food for him and his family.  LOL

So now that company is gone, I thought about what quilting project did I want to tackle.  I pulled out one of my WIP boxes.... 

And came up with this OLDie, but goodie....

This is from 5-6 years ago...I can remember where we were stationed when I was working on it...three assignments ago!  :)
Did you look at this picture closely?  No, you are not seeing double.  I had to think really hard why I have TWO of some of the blocks.  Then I remembered there was so much fabric in each block of the month kit that I was making two of each block.  From the second block, I made a small wallhanging and sent it to my sister...I didn't follow through with that plan, did I?  LOL

I have to regroup with this and get moving on it again.  I was doing all the applique stitching by machine and I have a different machine I'm going to have to find a matching stitch (one block is only half stitched!)

I do think it's a cute it'll be worth finishing.  Stay tuned!  I hope I didn't bore you with so many pictures...


  1. Oh no! Not snow? LOL It looks so pretty but I'm glad it's there and not here! I love your Be Attitudes blocks. I always wanted to make those. :0)

  2. At least it was a squirrel eating your pumpkin and not vandalism. I would have the same attitude, you can't get made at a wild animal for eating food that is outside. I love that quilt, it is very pretty!

  3. I love the animals outside your house, Michelle, and such unusual ones! The little squirrel is cute, glad you fed him. Your project will carry you into winter, will be watching! Looks lovely.

  4. I always love your pictures and your "catching up" comments. Those antelope-like critters look as if they are taking over the base for at least awhile. Too bad some are getting hit by cars but I guess if the cars are going slowly enough, the cars escape undamaged? Now...what happens to that nice squirrel with a big family to feed once your pumpkin isn't out there any longer? Are we going to see a squirrel-feeding station set up so they won't starve this winter? :)

  5. I loved your entire post. I know it's not a popular thought, but I just love the transition from fall to winter so it was nice to see that happening in your new home.

    Love, love, love the quilt. Good for you going the extra mile to make more blocks. Even if you can't figure out what to do with them right now, they'll come in handy when you need a little gift or give-a-way.



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