Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Sis!

 Today is my little sister's birthday.  She is more than just a sister...she's my BFF!  She is such an important person in my life, I don't know what I'd do without her.  She's 9 years younger than me and we've never in our adult lives, lived in the same town (let alone, the same state), but there is a connection between us I wouldn't trade for anything. She is an incredible woman, mother, wife, friend, daughter, sister, and someone that I admire for her strength and faith....even amidst incredible life challenges.  She is an inspiration to me! 

We don't get to see each other as often as we'd like, so we treasure the brief visits we have here and there.  This summer, Jenn and her family came to Wyoming for a visit.  We both DISLIKE having our picture taken, but we've realized that means we don't have many pictures of us together.  We are trying to get better at that...

Here we are hiking at Vedauwoo State Park....

and on our way to the Toby Keith concert...

and Mount Rushmore...I think we did pretty darn good this year getting our picture taken!  :)

Here is a little tote I made and sent to her for her birthday...I hope she likes it!

Happy Birthday Jenn....I wish I was there to celebrate with you!

Your Sissy


  1. Love the tote bag! Happy birthday to your sister! :0)

  2. Happy Birthday to your sister from me! I actually have a younger sister who is 9 years younger than me, too. And, now that you mention it, we have never lived in the same state, either, since becoming adults. She is the mother of my 8 year old niece AND is expecting again. Her due date is my daughter's birthday!

  3. Good job on the photos! It is so nice to have a sister connection like that!
    I actually have a bag from that pattern in Fall prints that my daughters bought for me at a craft fair. I love it in those batiks, too. Gorgeous!

  4. Very sweet, and a great bag gift!

  5. Happy Birthday to your sister! It's wonderful that you are so close in spite of the age difference......that is not always the case, so you are very lucky!

  6. I just did a sissie post too. Gotta love our sister time. I'm sure you wish you got more time together. :)


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