Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Mini 9 Patches

I'm sure many of you are holding your breath...wondering what I decided to do with the mini 9 patches I've been making as leaders and enders.  Well, wait no more...I'm here to relieve you of your worry and concern and maybe you'll sleep better at night now that you know!  

What's a true leader/ender groupie to do but pull out one of Bonnie's books....

As I flipped through the pages, I came across this little gem....hmmm, see those little 9 patches.  Adorable!

 And as luck would have you remember these half square triangles I sewed up a while back.  In my blog post HERE, I was trying to decide what to do with them.

As I cut up my 3.5" strips, I cut 4 matching HST units...which is exactly what I need for the Tumalo Trail block.  It's serendipitous!  :)  I have a few random onsies and twosies, I'll just save those for another project.  But I have enough foursies to make about 20 Tumalo then I'll decide how big I want to go and if I'll need to make more HSTs.  I don't necessarily plan to make it bed size as in the book.  The one problem I can see happening that I'll need the right amount of blocks to complete the pattern.  Do you see the X's starting already?  Yeah, my OCD side won't let me end with half an X.  :P

Smokey looks exceptionally huge in this picture.  They are 9" blocks, so you get the idea of how big this cat is.  LOL  He does seem to approve though...he's checking them out thoroughly.

 So there you go...I think this will be a fun project.  I love the little mini 9 patches and I think this showcases them very nicely!!


  1. How fun that you had all those parts that were just the right size! I'm with you when it comes to finishing the pattern, too!

  2. This will be awesome! (As is Smokey ;)

  3. Where you see X's,I see boxes! LOL It looks great! :0)

  4. Great that you had the right # of HST's for this project. Too funny about finishing the X's!!!

  5. It's gonna be GREAT!

  6. this is going to be a fun quilt!

  7. Many many congratulations by the whole Pink Pepper Boutique team because the way you finished your quilt is amazing.


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