Sunday, December 29, 2013

Checking in and catching up!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  Ours was quiet, but very fun.  We were invited to friends' homes on Christmas Eve and Christmas night and had a wonderful time at each place.  

It seems like December flew by in a blink of an eye, didn't it?  Is that a sign of getting older?  LOL  This "between" week seems to be the week to look ahead and look forward to accomplishing goals in the new year.  As always, I want and NEED to finish up projects that have been laying around or packed in bins much too long.  I think I'll spend some time over the next few days looking through those old projects and deciding which ones to focus on.  I've also realized that there are some things that I know I'm just not excited about anymore and I need to pass those on to someone who would enjoy them and finish them.  LOL

I also have a few must do's already on my list.  One is this quilt for my nephew's 16th birthday.  I assembled the center part of the top at retreat last May!!  Why do I let things sit?  LOL  Oh, maybe because my house was packed up the week after retreat.  :P

Anyway...the pattern is Yellow Brick Road and last night I added the final two borders...I needed this quilt to be BIG as my nephew is already 6 feet tall.  It measures about 85" long, so hopefully that will work.  I think I'll quilt it with black thread and the binding will be the same black as that skinny border.  My hubby really likes this quilt hopefully it actually makes it to my nephew.  LOL  If you click on the pic, you can see the fabrics are all outdoors-y type...but I hope it doesn't look Christmas-y.  :(  It seems more Christmas-y in this pic than it does in real life.  Oh is what it is.

Speaking of is a Christmas quilt I forgot to add to this post.  This is another one that is hanging year round in my quilting room, so I overlooked it before.  This was a free monthly stitchery from Gail Pan about 6 years ago.  I love the little embroidery blocks, but I wasn't thrilled with how I chose to set it at first.  But over the years, it's grown on me.  :)

Do you have a Hobby Lobby near you?  I remember I visited my first Hobby Lobby at our first duty assignment back in 1985 in Texas.  I loved that store!  Since they were mostly in the mid-west/southern states at that time, as we moved around, I was rarely near another one...I might be lucky if I went once a year while at retreat in Indiana.  Finally, I live in a town with a Hobby Lobby!!  :)  I found a few fun things there yesterday...look at this spool rack.  I have it hanging just outside my sewing room as I don't have much wall space inside my room...but it's perfect for my totes!

I just love the spools... 

I found this flag decor in the clearance aisle...I've been looking for something for this wall in our breakfast nook and this was exactly what I had in mind.  Yay!

 I also found this pen holder or whatever you call it...but I liked it because it looks like a British phone booth and it'll be a perfect gift for a certain someone that lives in England right now!  (I hope she doesn't read this!)

I can't leave without posting one kitty pic...

Hope you all have a wonderful week!
Happy Quilting,


  1. Love the quilt for your nephew! Love the spool rack too...what a great way to show off some cute bags! :0)

  2. Your nephews quilt isn't Christmasy once the animals are clear. I like the dark border and can picture how a dark binding will be the finishing touch. Once again, love cute kitty too!

  3. When I clicked on your nephew's quilt, it looked quite masculine and not Christmas-y. LOVE the things you got at Hobby Lobby. There is one in Salisbury that I've visited only once or twice. I have been to them down south when traveling and have found some really nice things. I should go to Salisbury again soon and check it out. I love both the spool hanging rack and the flag for your breakfast nook and the little "phone booth" is cute, too. As for seems every photo of him looks as if it should be on a greeting card or in a calendar!!!

  4. Oh, yes......meant to add this. When you think of a good way to give unfinished projects a new home, please post about that. I have some I know are no longer of interest to me. At one point I had "advertised" for new homes on my blog and then sent them to those who were interested....but after awhile, the postage got costly for that. I no longer belong to a guild, so that isn't an option now, either. my case...there are no options other than bagging them up and putting a "name" on each project and donating them to a thrift shop?

  5. The quilts look great. I love the spool rack from Hobby Lobby. Ugh. Maybe I need to take a trip up to Richmond, ha ha. Happy New Year!

  6. When you enlarge the photo of your nephew's quilt it looks outdoorsy, not Christmasy!
    If that setting for your cute stitchery blocks hasn't grown on you enough, it would be very appreciated at my house!! : )
    Oh, I almost bought that spool rack! (Obviously I live near a Hobby Lobby). Since my birthday in November I have had a Hobby Lobby gift card burning a whole in my wallet. I love that store for lots of sewing room storage pieces that have personality, and cute, sewing related decor.
    I have sorted through my bins and bags lately and found 15 WIPs--less than I thought--maybe I missed some. I hope to cut that number in half before the next year finishes. Wish me luck. I am definitely going to need it! If you find some neat trick to keep you focused, I hope you will share it. : )

  7. Beautiful quilts Michelle. And great, now I'm going to have to go to HL!!! lol What a cute little rack.


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