Monday, December 09, 2013

Mystery Step 2!

Are you all getting in to the Christmas spirit?  Every day, I'm filling up with more and more!  We've begun to experience our first Wyoming winter and if this last week is any indication of what's to's going to be a chilly few months!  We got about 5 inches of snow Wednesday or Thursday and the temps didn't get much above zero until today.  This was Thursday's forecast and it changed somewhat over the weekend, but today we finally made it in to the (positive) double digits!  yay!

We are hosting an Open House on Tuesday evening for folks from hubby's I've been busy preparing food and getting the house ready for 50+ guests.  I am so thankful that I decorated BEFORE Thanksgiving.  It's been so nice to have that off the to do list.  

This is our second tree filled with miniature ornaments.  I've been collecting miniatures for quite a few years and last year I finally made the leap to add a second tree.  This one is set up in our entryway and I just love seeing it and it's colorful lights. 

I spent all day Sunday baking Christmas treats for the open house.  These are a few favorites that we make every year....including Peanut Butter Blossoms.... 


and noodle candy...noodle candy is a long-time family recipe.  My Nana used to make it when I was a at least 40-something years!!  There are a couple other candies and cookies I usually make, but this is what I made to serve at the open house.  The other treats I'll make to give to neighbors and coworkers closer to Christmas.

So...since you're probably here for the mystery quilt is my progress on Step 2.  I was able to get everything cut and all 100 "right" chevron sides sewn.  I still have the left sides to sew, but that will have to wait until later in the week after the open house.  I switched out blacks where Bonnie had green and I'm using dark golds instead of yellow.  Let's hope it works in the final design!!  Check out everyone else's progress here!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Happy Quilting (and baking!)!


  1. Your treats look yummy.

    Love your fabric colors. They are like the fabrics I used for last year's mystery.


  2. Your open house sounds like it is a lot of fun!

  3. Have a great open house! I used to bake something like 20 or more kinds of cookies every year, but now with our daughter gone and everyone eats so "healthy" that I don't do it anymore. I miss it a bit. I will probably make a couple kinds and the peanutbutter blossoms will be high on that list as they are my husband's favorite.

  4. Your image thumb on Quiltville made me want to eat cookies. And look what's here when I arrived. You stinker:)
    Each week I'll now wonder where the cookie quilt is!

  5. I know we hit 12 below last night, but we are lucky enough to have a forecast high of 12 above today. I'm singing "We're havin' a heat wave!" (NOT) This is January weather!!
    I am in love with your fabrics for the mystery! What other colors are you using?

  6. Brrrrr!!! Wonderful looking yummies - good thing I don't have an oven! Love your C.S. color choices. Will be watching to see how they work.

  7. I'd so enjoy seeing your house all decorated. Have a great party tomorrow night. I'm sure folks will love it! I'm feeling hungry after looking at the treats you made. I've not heard of that noodle candy. Do you have the recipe in any form that you can share it (after the party, of course, when you might have a spare few minutes)?

  8. Your tree and treats look delicious! Your mystery does too!

  9. I ALWAYS like your color choices. Kind of wishing I would have copied :) Have a great party! Your decorations looks so pretty.

  10. Hope your open house was wonderful! Bet you didn't have a single one of those yummy cookies left :)


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