Friday, December 13, 2013

Step 2 and Christmas Quilts!

I finished Step 2 just in time for the release of Step 3. Yay!  Boy, this step was not a fast one...those little units are deceiving.  Just because they are small does not mean it will be quick!  I love Bonnie's techniques though...the units come out perfect, no lost points, etc.

This is another reason it took so much time.  I did bonus now I have 200 gold/black HSTs, and 200 neutral/black HSTs that will finish at 1".  What am I going to do with these?  LOL  Anyone have any ideas?

Other than the mystery quilt, there hasn't been much sewing going on, so I thought I'd show you some of my Christmas quilts that are hanging.  

This is one of my favorites.  It's from a Fons & Porter magazine from 2007 or so.

Another favorite...okay, they're all my favorites!!  This is a freebie pattern from Patchalot Patterns...

This is my Snow Days quilt...sorry for the crooked picture.  LOL

This won a 1st place ribbon at the quilt fair this summer!  :)

And of course...The Elf Quilt.  I think the official title is "Busy Little Christmas Elves."  I LOVE this one and it's up full time in my longarm room.  It makes me smile.

This won a 2nd place ribbon in a quilt show two years ago!  :)

We have a busy weekend filled with Holiday parties and events...including seeing The Nutcracker.  A friend has three daughters performing, so it should be even more special!

Have a great weekend!
Happy Quilting,


  1. Oh, to run my fingers through those bonus HSTs!! I see so many possibilities--Stars with pinwheels in the center, Broken Dishes...I have a pattern from an old magazine of sampler blocks all made from HST units. Do you want to see it?
    I love all of your Christmas quilts, Michelle. Very festive at your house!! : )

  2. Lovely Christmas quilts! You make something gorgeous with the bonus HSTs, I'm sure!

  3. I still have the bonus Hst's from last year. It is such a shame to waste fabric!

  4. Love quilt show of your Christmas quilts!! I'm sure you'll find a cute pattern for your bonus HST.

  5. Loving your Christmas quilts, I especially like the wonky trees and any that have your fabulous embroidery. So, Bonnie Hunter quilt isn't enough for you, you had to make bonus triangles?! Show-off!! ;)
    The Bonnie Hunter drop-out

  6. Wow! Everything looks great, but I really love those snowmen! :0)

  7. So, I was typing away at my comment when it disappeared mid-sentence. If it posts half finished....feel free to delete it.

    Anyhow, I love your quilts and your fabric choices for the mystery. I am worried that mine are too bright....and that's after toning down Bonnie's original colors! I have been trying to brighten my fabric collection. I'm not sure how that's working out for me! Time will tell.


  8. Wow - so many beautiful projects - always the best use of color. The 4 snowmen reminds me that I also, have one of those somewhere - had forgotten about it! Thanks for reminder.

    Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and continues Happy New Year.

  9. Personally, I cannot understand why that elf quilt didn't also win a first-place ribbon!!! (Those judges must have needed an eye exam!!!) The finished units for the BH quilt look 3-dimensional.....very nice!

  10. I can't wait to see what your mystery quilt ends up like, I love the colors. The elf quilt is just to darn cute.

  11. Just started step 1 today. Probably won't get far as my tree is so dry, I need to take it down in the next day or so. :( Love your colors on the mystery Michelle. I followed Bonnie's colors so I wouldn't have to think but they're awfully bright.


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