Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Unfinished Projects

We all have them, right?  It seems to be the most common factor among quilters...we start many projects, and though we finish a lot...there are always more waiting to be finished.  It seems the New Year is a good time to take stock of what's what.  Today I looked through a stack of bins and found these five projects...I'm ashamed to say, these aren't the only unfinished projects, but I started to feel a bit overwhelmed, so I stopped there.  LOL  I'm hoping that if I focus on just one or two at a time, maybe I'll get some of them finished up!

This is Cathedral Stars from a Bonnie Hunter workshop I took almost two years ago!  Honestly, I'm not super thrilled with it...so my dilemma is, do I bother with finishing it or do I let it go to someone who is more motivated to finish it?  I think what I don't like are the secondary blocks with the black and red HSTs.  It's very similar to what Bonnie used in her quilt shown here and I was never convinced I wanted to use red and black, but not coming up with another option, I went with it.   I'm considering just making the star blocks and setting them without the secondary blocks...I think that would make a nice girl quilt for a donation or gift.  Almost all of the units are cut, it's just a matter of sewing them up.

This is a Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt...again, the strips are cut, I would just need to sew up a few more blocks and I could make a nice toddler donation quilt.  Not all these projects need to be LARGE quilts!

This is another project that I was soooo excited about at the time.  I would still love to have it finished, so why did it sit for all these years?  I started it probably 4-5 years ago.  I even lugged it to a couple of retreats and only to have it sit untouched.  Ugh...this is not supposed to be a depressing hobby!

This is a project I started for Quilts of Valor...nothing much to say, except I set it aside and never looked back!  Strips and foundation fabric are cut...ready to be sewn up and donated to the local chapter here in Cheyenne. 
 Do you sense a theme with the three previous quilts?...apparently, I like red, white, and blue.  :)

This is another one that I love...Scrappy Stars.  It was a sew along that a blogging friend hosted in 2012.  I would love to figure out a fun, simple (quick) setting for these.  I think I have over 20 blocks assembled now...this is an older picture.  Again, it would make a nice gift...it just needs to be finished!

So those are five projects that I'm going to focus on over the next couple of months...there are other things on my "to-do" list, but hopefully I can squeeze these in here and there and get 'er done!!

Happy Quilting!!


  1. I agree on the first one, the secondary blocks don't do much for the design. But I love the others, especially the scrappy second photo. Can't believe you have any UFOs at all! LOL,

  2. I didn't care for the red and black either, and used blue and a tannish gold instead. My star points are red also. As far as the scrappy star blocks, an hourglass block would look nice with them.

  3. Is there any chance that you can combine some of these projects together into one quilt? With the exception of the first one, they all look good together. Could you set the bottom, scrappy stars on point and then in between tuck the sun/ray blocks? You may need to make one more of them.

    As for UFOs that I fall out of love with, I have absolutely no problem giving them away or (gasp) tossing them into the trash. I figure that the guilt that I feel looking at the UFO (when I have no chance of ever finishing it) has no place in my life and I can be brave, toss it, and not feel guilty ever again. (Until the next one.) I feel like this is my "fun" and if I try something and don't like it or aren't happy with the result, oh well. If you tried a recipe in the kitchen and it was yucky, would you still feed it to your family? Sorry, I guess I got on my UFO soapbox a bit.

  4. I like JoAnne's comments and attitude about this and am going to try to remember this when I am agonizing over getting rid of something I no longer want to finish. As for your 5 projects shown here...I totally agree about those red/black blocks no fitting in at all. I'd keep the star blocks, though. I am a sucker for anything with star blocks, so I love the last project you showed, too. The Quilt of Valor blocks are also nice. Good luck with whatever you decide to do with these....and keep us posted as to their final disposition! Happy 2014 to you and the family!

  5. How lovely to see those scrappy stars again! They make such a fun quilt! I think you need to just let go of the projects you no longer feel moved to work on. I've finished several projects other people had started but just didn't love anymore. You'll feel better having the project out of your house, and the person you give it to will love finishing what you started!

  6. I love all of the quilts (-to-be)! For a fast, simple and different sashing for your stars, check out Geta's Quilting Studio (here). That's the setting I'm using for my 2013 Guild BOM blocks - stretches a few blocks into a larger quilt top and, in my case, makes up for less-than-perfectly-sized blocks. :-)

  7. Happy New Year, and looks like some super happy quilting there!! Enjoy your finishing up!

  8. Taking pictures of your ufo's!! What a great idea. All of your 5 are very pretty. Do you know a longarmer that could quilt them when you're done? Oh yeah!! YOU! :o)

  9. I love all those projects - and looking at the finished Cathedral Stars quilt on Bonnie's' page I like the red and black but then again I love red and black together :-)

    You've inspired me to get my projects out of the containers, take a picture and see what needs to be done. And do I really want to finish it. The "weight" of the UFOs has got to lessen and I want to get stuff finished this coming year.

    Happy New Year to you!

  10. I'm sure those black & red HSTs could be used elsewhere and your stars could be the, well, STARS of the quilt. : )
    Looks like we are on the same page for 2014--getting some UFOs finished up. We can cheer each other on!

  11. I have some of those same UFOs Michelle!! lets get 'er done for 2014!

  12. Hi Michelle, Have you seen Maryquilts.com pattern for churn dash and stars? It uses the cathedral star block and a churn dash block together. It makes an optical illusion of circles. Maybe you could recycle the stars into that? I have that one on my someday list. I also have a scrappy trip in progress. I pulled it out and thought about working on it the past few days but didn't get that far. Happy New Year! Jo Anna

  13. You make me feel better about my UFO stash. I declared late this fall that this would be the stash reduction winter where I would finish all those UFOs and kits I have before I start any new projects. I caved and bought a kit, but I'm back on the wagon and plan to spend this upcoming blizzard sewing my heart out.

  14. I've just made my list of UFOs for this year's challenge. Usually I combine scrapbook and quilty UFOs into one list, but this year, I realized that I have more than enough quilty UFO/WIPs for their own list...ugh...mostly due to our recent move (at least that's what I'm telling myself). Hopefully, I can get through a good bit of them this year!

    Michelle, I've long wanted to get started on Bonnie's Cathedral Stars quilt. It's been on my to-do list since she first offered the pattern. I really hope you do finish it...it's just lovely in my opinion (and you're fabric choices are so similar to hers). I'm really jealous of this one!


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