Sunday, January 19, 2014

Weekend Check in

We had a great week away helping our son move to his new duty station.  He was assigned to Columbus AFB in Mississippi and now he is in Florida at Patrick AFB.  I've never paid too much attention to where this base was located, although we did visit once before about 10 years ago.  I guess some things just don't stick in your brain...but this base is literally right on the beach with the Banana River on the opposite side.  

Zach is excited for this new adventure and plans to fully take advantage of beach life!

This picture was taken standing in the driveway of his new apartment...cross that road and you are on the beach!  It was amazing the difference in rent prices to live on the beach side of the road compared to living across the street.  LOL  He's a smart boy...

No sewing going on this week, but I wanted to share some info I received through email.  I'm sure most of you have heard of the "Farmer's Wife" sampler quilt/book.  I started this project a 2-3 years ago.

I am piecing them using Marti Michell's templates...she has made conversion charts for almost all of the blocks in the book.  I think there are only 10-11 that she wasn't able to convert to her templates.

I received an email saying that they were starting another email series of the charts again and if you'd like to receive the charts, click HERE to sign up.  You must go through their Facebook page right now to sign up as they are having a glitch in the sign up through their website.

Seeing this project again, makes me want to pull it back out and work on it.  I don't know that I'll make ALL the blocks...but I need to finish it one way or another.

Hope you all have a fun, quilty week!


  1. I'd be thrilled if I could walk across the road to the beach! Lucky young man! :0)

  2. Your son is just up the road from me! My husband and I live on Hutchinson Island and are maybe 50 yards from the beach. He's going to love living near the beach.

  3. Looks like your son has a terrific place to live. Your blocks are beautiful!

  4. Prime assignment!! Lucky guy.

  5. You do have a smart young man. Glad he is moved and you were able to help him. I have the FW book, just haven't started it yet. Take care!

  6. Your son did get a choice assignment! It will be great to escape winter and visit him again :)
    I need to get back to my FW blocks at some point too.


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