Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Sew-a-thon

 My mom is visiting this week from California and part of our plan was to spend as much time sewing as we could possibly squeeze in...and so far, we are doing a good job of it!  

This weekend, she made this cute tote bag using the Charm Party Tote pattern.

I finished the binding on this quilt for my nephew...I used all outdoor type fabrics with the Yellow Brick Road pattern....(you can click the picture for a closer look)...

and had a little fun with the quilting...

 You might remember I participated in Terry's sew along last year called "Scrappy Stars," I finally got my stars set in to a top.  I tried lots of different options, but decided simple was best.  I think my mom has claimed this one!

 I also assembled this quilt for another nephew...he loves soccer and "dark yellow" is his favorite color, so I hope this quilt makes him happy!

I also got the binding on my Celtic Solstice mystery....and had a little "help."

We're sewing again today...we had planned a day of shopping and lunch, but we woke up to over 4" of snow and it's still coming down, so we decided to make it another sewing day!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Perfect way to spend a visit! And look at all those gorgeous projects. I don't think your quilt helper will be happy to move out of that cosy spot LOL!

  2. How fun that your mom sews, too! I had quite the sew-athon at my retreat, too.

  3. Looks at all you have accomplished! I am impressed, Michelle.
    I especially love that bag in batiks! Yum!
    My goodness, you two know how to focus on sewing together. When my Mom and I get together to sew we spend too much time chatting! : )

  4. Love the bag, love the quilt for your nephew, and I love the way you did the sashing on the scrappy stars top! I only wish I had done mine that way! :0)

  5. Oh, what a lovely, wonderful way to spend time with your mom!!! I love the quilt for the soccer-loving nephew! It even looks a little bit like a soccer field with all the vertical lines!! :)

  6. I'm planning a trip to visit MY mom in California in April - she's wanted to make a quilt for ages so I'm thinking this might be my opportunity to help her with it. You guys got a LOT done!

  7. What a great time to be able to spend with your mom and ya'll are getting a lot done too!

  8. WOW....what quilty goodness in all these photos!!! (And I love your floors, too!) The border on the star quilt is extremely attractive and both nephews' quilts are terrific and I'm sure will be well-loved. Nice how you worked the name into the one quilt when doing the long-arm work on it. :)


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