Thursday, February 06, 2014's cold outside!

We are definitely in a cold snap here in Wyoming...the temps have not risen above 0 for a few days and the lows have been hovering around -20 for the last few mornings.  Thank goodness there is not the usual seems whenever it's this cold, the wind calms down which is the only saving grace!  I'm nice and snug indoors though and just bundle up when I go outside, so I'm not complaining (yet!).

I finished this cute baby quilt yesterday...and I braved the sub-zero temps this morning to get a good picture for you!  LOL  You can see we are blanketed with plenty of snow that isn't going anywhere for a while.  But back to the quilt....I just love it.  Every once in a while, a quilt just hits me with..."ahhh."  Does that happen to you?  Something about this quilt...the colors, the fabrics, the pattern, all of it...I am just so happy with it!

It is for our soon to be born great-nephew.  Seriously?  "Great-nephew?"  That makes me feel old!  This is even our second "great" relative...we also have a 8 month old great-niece.  I just remember my great-aunts and great-uncles always seemed old.  I guess that means I'm old!  LOL

a full view...the pattern is called Happy Hour, by Atkinson Designs.  It's probably one of the quickest quilts patterns ever!  But still, I love it!  Did I say that already?

I used one of my favorite quilting designs, "Quirky." I think it's perfect for baby quilts.

The back is the softest brushed homespun ever!  I was so pleased to find the green for the binding in my "stash."  Perfect!!  Hope the new mamma and baby love it as much as I do!

 I also started my next project this week.  The spouses club on base raises money for scholarships through a "Basket Auction" every year.  My donation to the auction will be a quilt...what else?  :)  I found this FQ pack a few months ago called "Horseshoe Trail," which is a lovely blend of western style fabrics.  I think I own 3-4 FQ packs (including this one!) and I don't believe I've ever opened one...let me tell was tough to pull that ribbon!  It's so pretty just like that!!

But I did it...and I'm making this pattern with the FQ's...Yellow Brick Road...another of my favorites!!

Hopefully I'll have pics to share soon...I have to keep moving on this one.  The auction is coming up fast!

Happy Quilting!


  1. You should also keep moving so that you don't freeze in one spot! Your temps make our 14 degrees sound balmy!!
    Very cute little quilt. I love the colors, and the simple, bold graphics are perfect for a wee one.
    Can't wait to see the next creation in your queue! Western fabrics, huh? Perfect for Wyoming--YeeHaw!

  2. I love that little quilt! The colors are so pretty! :0)

  3. I love the baby quilt! I totally agree that our great aunts were old. We are not, lol! I also totally agree about how hard it is to untie the ribbon around a fq bundle. And lastly, I've made a few quilts for spouse's club basket auctions, too! I'm sure yours will make lots of money. Speaking of Spouses Clubs, we had our board meeting today and it wasn't a fun one... This is the time of year when I start saying, "Only three more months!"

  4. Perfect for a baby quilt. Thanks for including the pattern name. What is the finished size?

  5. I love the baby quilt! It is so nice to see a color combo other than blue or pink. The quilting you chose for it is perfect.

  6. Well around here everyone is laughing and singing, "It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!" I don't know how much longer we will be laughing? Great baby gift. Remember the basket auctions well. ;)

  7. Wow is that cold! And I thought it was cold here, in MO!

  8. So Michelle, did you say you love that quilt? Lol! I do too. For me, I think it's the colors!

  9. Lovely quilt! I also love the YBR pattern too. I've made it several times. The weather is crazy everywhere! Hunter has only had school 5 days since before Christmas Break!!! No school again tomorrow either. :(

  10. What a gorgeous quilt!!! I have a bit of family in Montana ... my cousin shared a pic the other day with a temperature reading of -35 degrees. Ummm....I think not! :)

  11. LOVE the baby quilt!!! (I think that is the same long-arm quilting pattern our Jessica chose for you to do the quilting on her quilt last summer.) I can't say I love your cold temps, though. I know what you mean about precut sets of fabric. I have a full drawer full of them and can hardly ever make myself put them to use. They look so pretty in their nicely-matched sets. Can't wait to see your cowboy FQ's "in action"!

  12. I love the colors of the baby quilt. Very pretty quilt.


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