Sunday, March 02, 2014

16 Patch & Pinwheels

An update on the 16 Patch & Pinwheels quilt I mentioned in my last post.  (That's a tough name to say AND type!  Might need to come up with something else!)  I sewed up a few blocks today...and it's left me thinking, " I going to like this?"  I do like the visual effect of the squares that pop out.  But something about it has me second guessing my choice of this pattern/fabric/colors....something!  I did determine that I should have up-sized the measurements...those are tiny 1.5" finished squares!  I wonder if it would have been better with 2 or 3" squares and bigger HST?  Big sigh....

I think I'll just sit on it for a bit...and maybe even look for some updated, fun greens to add in.  I does look kind of "camo" like, doesn't it?  I guess that's good since it's for a guy.

Just another angle...I need to make about a gazillion more pinwheels and 16 patches to make a queen size quilt!

Like a lot of you, we still have plenty of snow and cold temperatures.  You might have to click on the picture, but the trees have been covered in ice the last few days.  It's really pretty!

We had some backyard visitors...I never get tired of watching these guys!  I'm glad to see they are nice and filled out in the tummy area, if you know what I mean.  It seems to me, there isn't a lot of food sources available, but they must be finding it!

Today while sewing, Nick was watching the snow drip and was quite fascinating!

But he soon became bored and went back to sunny himself in the window!

Happy Quilting!


  1. I love how your quilt is looking. But maybe ought to have started out with bigger pieces if you're making it queen sized! Have fun! :0)

  2. I like it. Even though the blocks finish at 6 inches, they will be pretty.

  3. Michelle, it's beautiful! Keep going!

  4. I love your quilt - think it looks great! Love your kitty too!

  5. I really like your new blog look (hopefully I'm not too far off base on the newness of it -- I've been a little out of the loop!) -- it's very clean and attractive! What are those little visitors in your back yard? Wild mountain goats??!! Fun quilt -- I really like it! :)

  6. Oh, Nick made me LOL. Too funny, his "sunning" pose!!
    Hmmm, wonder what it is about this quilt that doesn't sit well with you (other than the fact that the pieces are small so you will need a gazillion blocks)? Can you think about what your expectations were before you started and figure out how it isn't meeting those? It looks great from here! : )

  7. Hey Michelle - I LIKE this one. I found an earlier photo of your project did not show the pinwheels changing direction in each row - that is a biggie. Todays photo looks the way I've made it. Also, your 4/16 patches need the same treatment. I n the upper left be sure your LIGHT square In the corner meets up with the light pinwheel section, and the next row turn your 4/16 patches so the dark patch is in the upper left and it meets up with the DARK pinwheel of the previous block.

    Hope that is clear is mud. Even if you haven't matched things the way I found worked for me, it's still a great quilt. I've made 4-5 of them and liked them all. Not all the photos in blogland, match them up this way but I thought it made a difference. 8-))

    It's time for a road trip for me - perhaps Cheyenne???? Do you have a Favorite quilt shop I might visit???

    Elaine Adair

  8. I think the quilt is wonderful....don't be second-guessing the design. (I can sympathize with second-guessing the size of your little pieces and wishing you'd started bigger so you'd have to make less, but......just forge will be worth it in the end.) The kitty is so funny sprawled out in that basket. I am thinking: A tisket, a tasket, cute kitty in a basket! :)


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