Monday, March 03, 2014

Horseshoe Trail Auction Quilt

I finally finished the auction quilt I've mentioned a few times.  Yay me!  I always kick myself for putting something off and then feeling "pressured" to finish it.  But now I can check it off my list and it's even a few days early!  

The Spouses' club on base hosts an auction every year to raise money for scholarships.  The scholarships are awarded to military dependents.  The auction items are donated by different organizations on base and also local and national businesses.

Our contribution is a quilt!  What else?  LOL  I chose to use fabric called "Horseshoe Trail," by Moda, as it has cowboys, horseshoes, etc, that I thought was appropriate for Wyoming.  :)  The quilt pattern is Yellow Brick Road by Terry Atkinson.  Originally, I was going to make it "bed size," but then thought it might be more appealing to bidders as a "throw" size.  So this one measures approximately 75" x 85"...but I made all the blocks for a queen size, so I actually have another quilt top, slightly smaller than this one, that I'll be able to use for a gift or something!

This morning, I took advantage of the bright sunshine to take it outside for a few pictures....

You might recognize this location from the pictures of my Tumalo Trail quilt back in November.  The terrain actually hasn't changed much except for a little snow covering, which is quickly melting away in this sunshine.  We have been blessed with a couple of days in the 40's...but that also brings the wind and the quilt would not cooperate!  (The backing looks very white here, but it's actually a beige with a little print)

 Most of the time it was like this....

Whenever I could, I tried to fussy cut the prints, especially with these horses....

 I don't do a good job, when using precuts (this was a FQ bundle), to remember to buy additional yardage for finishing.  I'll keep the FQ bundle for a couple years, then I can't find coordinating fabric anywhere, which is the case with this quilt.  I took the center of the top to the LQS and was lucky enough to find these two border fabrics and the binding fabric.  They were almost a perfect match!

 Just another shot of the binding...I love striped binding!

I really love this little fence...I have no idea why it's there, it's only about 20 feet long and open on either side, so it's not containing anything in or keeping anyone out.  But it's perfect for me to get some outdoor pictures.  I'll be sure to take some when everything is green!

This sign wasn't there in least that I remember, but it's kind of in the way of my photo back drop!!

Happy Quilting!


  1. It looks great! Congratulations on getting it done! :0)

  2. I think it will be a hit, Michelle!
    That was lucky to find matching fabrics. The way colors change, when I use older fabrics I often can't find anything in the right shade to go with it.
    The striped binding is a great finish!

  3. What a beautiful finish, Michelle -- and a GREAT spot for hanging and photoing your quilts -- a great combination! :)

  4. Oh it looks great!! I think that fence is there just for you to use to photograph your quilts! I found a fence that I like, too.

  5. The PERFECT quilt for Wyoming! LOVE the binding especially, and the swirls in the quilting is so "outdoors".

    The fence leading to nowhere? Yes, interesting - makes one wonder about lots of possibilities. 8-))

  6. You lucked onto great fabrics for the borders and binding. The quilt, of course, turned out perfect. I think it was a good idea to have it be a nice-sized throw instead of bed-sized as it will probably widen the pool of bidders. Nice work!


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