Thursday, April 03, 2014

A new book!

I admit, I'm obsessed with Bonnie Hunter...well, that might sound a little creepy.  I'm not a stalker, just a fan.  LOL  I guess the more accurate description is that I'm obsessed with her quilts and patterns!  I discovered the "Leader and Ender" technique about 7-8 years ago and I was hooked!  Someday I should count how many "Bonnie" quilts I've made.  :)

Imagine my glee when her second "Leader and Ender" book was published and released!  She's published a few others in between, too!  But this is the second one focused specifically on leaders and enders.  You can check them out HERE!

My book arrived on Monday and I spent the next couple of evenings gazing at the wonderful quilts inside and planning which one I'll start next!!

She autographs the books when you buy them directly from her!  I've had my others signed at her workshops.  :)

Right from the second page...oh my.  I was smitten!  I. must. make. this. quilt.  The four patch unit is my this is definitely high on the to-do list!!

Then I saw this one!  "Scrap Crystal" is amazing!  I really NEED to make this one! 

Ohhh...and look at "Lucy's Baskets..."  sigh...  Love it!

"Spoolin' Around" is just too cute!

And look at this!  "Easy Street!"  You might remember that I made this quilt when it was offered as a Mystery Quilt a couple years ago.  You can see mine HERE.  I love it!

And there it is!!  "Narragansett Blues!"  Love. Love. Love!

And look at this...I've been sewing 4 patches for a while now, and I've got a nice start for this quilt.  That confirms it...this is the quilt for my 4 patches!  Yay!

 This week I finished a project I can't share just yet, but I will soon after the recipient sees it first!  This morning, I did make this quickie charity quilt.  You'll remember all the charm squares I cut when I was making "Hook" a few weeks ago.  Our retreat Hostess collects baby/toddler quilts each year for their local Crisis Pregnancy Center, and it's almost time for retreat, so I needed to get busy with mine!  It's a simple Disappearing Nine Patch, but it's so bright and cheery.  I thought about adding a border, but I think it'll be cute with just a colorful binding.  It measures 39" x 39", which seems to be a good size for babies.  Now to figure out a backing and get it quilted.  I hope I have something in my stash!

Thanks for all the encouragement and advice about irons.  I know that STEAM is the culprit with the failure of these irons...I'm just too stubborn to change my ways.  The new mini iron is just "okay."  The steam isn't great...but there is a little.  It doesn't hold very much water, so it runs out quickly.  An interesting thing is the water is "stored" in the handle....not near the heating element.  Maybe that is a good thing?  We shall see!  It does heat up pretty I'm happy about that.  I'll keep you posted!  :)

Happy Quilting!


  1. That looks like an amazing book! That reminds me, I need to pack my other Bonnie books to take TOMORROW!!!!! I'm so excited. I hope I can sleep tonight. Keep an eye on her blog posts the next couple days in case I appear. I'll probably be overgramming all day tomorrow and maybe Saturday morning, too.

  2. That looks like a great book! She makes beautiful quilts! And speaking of that...I LOVE your disappearing nine patch quilt. Those blues and greens are my favorites! :0)

  3. It looks like you and that quilt were meant to be if you were already making 4-patches. Bonnie's quilts are wonderful. I've made 4, but they are all still flimsies. Not a one is quilted. That is pretty sad. : )

  4. If I could make myself follow a pattern, I would have to get that book. I really love that four patch quilt. It is great that she used some rectangles instead of all squares.

  5. I must be living in a cave because the new book release completely escaped me. Thanks for the review!

  6. I'm going to have to get that book, I've been wanting to make the Easy Street and now I see I am going to have to make a few others. Love that Narrangansett quilt.

  7. LOVE the colors in your D9P quilt.....and some baby will love it, too! I know you are a real sucker for Bonnie's books so enjoy this newest one. I'll look forward to photos of what you make from the book.

  8. The book looks really interesting. Bonnie's quilts and methods really intrigue me, but I'm no where near as organised with my scrap collecting cutting and storage.


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