Sunday, April 13, 2014


This is my niece Makenzie...she is a sweet, happy little girl and she recently turned 8 years old!!  She is my sister, Jennifer's, youngest daughter.

She sings and claps and loves Dora the Explorer...

Last fall she began to take horse back riding lessons and this is definitely one of her all time favorite activities!

Makenzie is autistic and does not speak verbally, but she does communicate, especially with her mom!

Life has been challenging for my sister and her family, but they continue to amaze me every day with their strength, faith, and love for each other.  Makenzie has brought so much joy to all of our lives and we know that she is a special gift from God and we love her very much!

It's been my goal this year to make each of the nieces and nephews a new quilt for their birthdays, so as Makenzie's birthday approached, I was ready.  A couple of years ago Riley Blake released a line of fabric called "Pieces of Hope," which helped to raise awareness about autism and the organization Autism Speaks.  I immediately bought a bundle of the fabric and knew one day I would make a special quilt for Makenzie.  This was the time!

I used the pattern "Snapshot," from the book "Happy Hour."  I wanted something that would showcase the prints and not cut them up too small.

The outdoor lighting makes the colors a little washed out, so back inside for more pics.  This picture shows the colors pretty true to real life.  :)

Love the fabrics and colors...down to the stripe for the binding!

I used "Puzzle Pieces" for the could I not? 

 Because the FQ's in the bundle were a bit small, I couldn't cut the amount of units out of each FQ as the pattern called for.  It worked out because I had plenty of FQ's to use, but that left me with extra strips from each of the FQ's.  Of course I couldn't let them go to waste, so I made her a special pillow.... 

...and I made zipper bags for her mom, nana, sisters, aunties, and cousin.

I was happy to get a couple of pictures of Makenzie enjoying her new quilt!

I hope you like your quilt Makenzie!  Happy birthday!!

Happy Quilting,


  1. What a great quilt and what a sweet little girl! :0)

  2. Beautiful post abt a beautiful little girl. I have a nephew with autism.Your quilt gives me a wonderful idea to make him a quilt . Thank you for the idea. Love how you made so many things out of the fabric!

  3. Love this post, Michelle. I have a grandson with autism, but he is very high functioning. But his Mom, my daughter, used to tutor a little gal that sounds very much like MaKenzie. Those special kids truly are gifts from God. We feel that about our grandson with Dravet Syndrome.
    That is a very sweet gift you made for your niece. : )

  4. Thanks for addressing autism. It affects way too many people today. My twin sister's first grandchild who's autistic just celebrated her 6th birthday last weekend. Shelby is a daddy's girl whose dad works extremely hard to take care of her.

  5. She is adorable and the quilt is just fabulous!

  6. What a special quilt for Makenzie and such a cutie. Love the fabrics in her quilt.

  7. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Beautiful, bright quilt! Happy Birthday to Makenzie!!

  8. A beautiful quilt for a beautiful little girl!! The perfect match! Sending Birthday Wishes your way Makenzie!!

  9. The quilt is beautiful and how nice to also make all those bags from that special fabric. Makenzie looks so happy in these pictures. Thanks for sharing photos of this very special gift with us.


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