Monday, April 28, 2014

Mini Swoon

This month for the "Schnibbles" parade, we didn't actually do a Schnibbles quilt!  We were challenged to make one of Thimble Blossoms mini quilts.  That was fine by me, since I love minis.  I own a couple of the mini patterns and had been looking forward to making another one.  You might remember the Mini Spools quilt I made back in January.  

I decided on the "Mini Swoon" pattern.  Each block is 8" and the quilt finishes at 19" x 19".  It's actually a lot bigger than I thought it would be!

I struggled with the corner stone fabrics of all things!  I now wish I used all one fabric and not gone "scrappy."   JoAnne of Patriotic Quilter had the brilliant idea to fussy cut flags for each little 1" square....I just didn't have the right size/color fabric with flags.  :(  Oh is done and I'm happy with it!

This red star fabric is probably from the 90's and even though it was prewashed, it bled just a tiny bit when I washed the finished quilt.  I even had a color catcher in there with it!

It really doesn't show up in these pictures...but the background fabric is just a little pink-ish around some of the edges of the star... 

After seeing these pics, I'm realizing that it's light enough that no one will likely ever notice. :) 

Be sure to check out the Parade of quilts at Pink Pincusion and A Quilting Life.

Happy Quilting!


  1. What a sweet little quilt! I love the picture of it in the tree! :0)

  2. I have seen that Mini Swoon pattern just recently. Fun to see yours all made up.
    I think I have that very same red fabric--and it has done the very same thing to me. : )

  3. It is beautiful Michelle, I love the swoon quilt and this mini is very inspiring!

  4. You already know how much I love this! I've been hoarding my fq pack of Patriotic Gatherings and since I love this, I may have to use the fq pack with the full-sized pattern. I can also see the small on in my future, too. About the bleeding--I get it every once in a while and I just spray it with Shout and wash it again and it usually comes right out.

  5. very nice " not so mini" quilt.

  6. Even with my fancy new progressive lenses I don't notice the bleed. I think it looks great.

  7. I love this Michelle! It will be fun to use this summer!

  8. It looks lovely Michelle. Great photo in the tree.


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