Friday, April 25, 2014

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We're home from a lovely trip to London, England!  We spent 8 days with our daughter who is studying abroad.  It was an amazing trip with perfect weather.  We've all heard how it -always- rains in England...well, we didn't have a single drop the whole week!  We spent most of the days walking, walking, walking, and more walking to see all the sights in the city.  I do have to say that their "Underground" is super efficient and easy to use.  We definitely spent our fair share of time on the "tube" and on buses, but still, you can't see a city like this without plenty of walking!

I took a gazillion pictures, but these are just a couple of my favorites.  This little river was on the grounds of Buckingham Palace.  I love the view of the London Eye from this bridge...

The grounds of Windsor Castle were just gorgeous...everything, everywhere was so GREEN!

This is one of the older style buses, which we didn't get a chance to ride, but I was happy to get a picture of it!  My husband always rode on the top level right at the front window.  LOL  It's an experience, let me tell you!

I love the Tower Bridge...

And of course, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

We also spent some time in the town of Hull where Megan is going to school.  It was great to see where she has been living, the buildings where her classes are held, the cafe where she likes to hang out, etc.

It was just a wonderful trip!  I loved seeing Westminster Abbey and the other cathedrals with all the beautiful architecture.  It's hard to grasp how long those buildings have been standing and to think of all the history that has happened there.  Just amazing and beautiful!

Of course, with the long flights, etc, I couldn't resist taking little project.  This is a little candle mat from a block of the month from a couple of years ago.  Since we were gone over Easter, I decided this was a good one to work on!  One of the flight attendants was really interested in it.  Every time she walked past, she made a nice comment.  :)

With these tiny pieces, I'm happier with doing just a little primitive stitch. 

I now have 5 of the 12 mats made!  yay me! 

Before leaving, I got this little top to decide how to quilt it.

As much as I love traveling and seeing new things, it's always nice to be back home!  We've been home for four days and I'm finally feeling like I'm over the jet was a little rough there for a couple of days!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Beautiful photos of a wonderful trip!!! How exciting. England is the one place I really want to go to--#1 on the bucket list.

  2. Thanks for the memories. I'm always homesick for living in Europe.

  3. What a wonderful experience! So glad you got to go.
    I had a daughter go to school in Austria, but I never made it over. : (
    I love all of those little mats. Each one is so cute! And your last little quilt is great, too! Great job, Michelle!

  4. The one time I went to London there wasn't a drop of rain either -and not even any fog. I had a glorious time riding the Tube and those double decker buses. My final trip to the airport was in one of those distinguished black taxi cabs. I am glad to hear you had an enjoyable visit.

  5. Beautiful pictures Michelle!! Glad you had a great time visiting your daughter & the sites~And...cute candle mats!

  6. Looks like such a wonderful trip! And I love all your little woolies!

  7. My daughter is going there in the Fall. We have been trying to figure out if we can make it over there, looks like you had a great time

  8. What a great trip! I live in Australia, but most of my family have all travelled to UK. My cousin said she used to look at the buildings and think wow this is so old, this has been here soooo long. Hard to fathom when you live in a country that only has 225 years of European settlement. I'd love to travel the UK one day too, and the US and Canada.


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