Thursday, April 10, 2014

What I'm working on...

I feel a bit unfocused lately...and not just when it comes to quilting/sewing.  I've been wandering from task to task all week!  I'm not sure why...but it's getting annoying!  I think when I don't have anything I -have- to do, I don't know -what- to do.  Or maybe it's spring fever...the weather has been improving greatly in this part of the country and I'm enjoying getting outside to walk and enjoy the sunshine.  We're supposed to have more snow on Sunday though, so I'm taking it now while I can get it!

I can't even count the number of different sewing projects I've attempted to work on the last few days.  My brain is just mush!  But I'll show you a few things I have accomplished...

I've decided what project from the Cozy Quilts book I'll work on next, and believe me, it was not a simple task!  I kept changing my mind....but finally I settled on "Timeless Hexagons."

Luckily I had some template plastic on hand and got the hexagons traced and cut.  They aren't perfect by any means...I'm calling them "primitive."  LOL

 I made a few more blocks for my Points of Pride quilt...I have 27 of the 64 blocks completed.  I am loving this project!  It takes forever to layout all the blocks, so I don't know if I'll show them again until ALL the blocks are done.  :)

Yesterday, I made these two zipper bags.  I needed one for a gift, so I thought why not cut two?  There is a great tutorial here for the pattern.  You can see I was being supervised and I think they approve.

Hope you all are having a great week and that you are accomplishing more than I am!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Very cute little hexie project!
    Wow, Points of Pride is wonderful!! Foundation pieced?
    Love the little patriotic bags. Seems I'm seeing lots of zippered bags on blogs--almost feel like I am missing something that I haven't made any myself. : )
    Looks to me like you have accomplished a lot!

  2. I sometimes have times like that - especially when I've just had a high pressure time! Last time it happened I got stuck into a very simple Leader -Ender project - scrappy sewing where I didn't have to think. Then the floodgates opened!! I love your points of pride - your colour choice is fantastic!!

  3. Love the Points of Pride, Michelle!

  4. I love the photo bombers in the last pic. Too cute. I am feeling rather scattered myself. I finished the binding on the baby gift and started on the civil war quilt. I can't make up my mind what to do with the red one. I am considering adding prairie points. Then I have a dozen other things going on as well. I guess I should try to figure out which would be the fastest to finish so I can get a sense of accomplishment.

  5. The photo with the kitties just made me smile. Too cute~. & oh... the bags are cute too~

  6. I am SO bad with sewing in recent no matter how little anyone else does, it looks like a HUGE accomplishment to me. :) That Points of Pride is looking wonderful.....and your hexagon project will be terrific, I'm sure. Will you have to do Y seams on that one??

  7. Love the little hexie project and Points of Pride is outstanding! My favorite is the picture of your kitties keeping their eyes on you!


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