Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Back from Retreat!

I made it to retreat!  We ended up with 12" of snow over Mother's Day and into the next day.  The interstates were closed and the wind was blowing the snow into a blizzard!  The roads opened up Monday afternoon, but the wind was still blowing like crazy through the night on Monday.  Honestly, I didn't make the final decision to go until Tuesday morning.  LOL  But I woke up about 4:30am Tuesday morning, and just said, "Let's go!"  So, my husband helped me load the car and I was off!  As always, it was a fun filled time of fellowship, sewing and lots of laughs.  It was really wonderful to see these ladies and I'm already looking forward to next year!

I made each of the girls a little fabric box.  It's a freebie pattern found HERE, with a slight modification found HERE.  They were fun and easy to make and sewed up pretty quick!  

For the first day and a half of retreat, I worked on these babies....the points to my Points of Pride quilt.  I really wanted to make some progress on these because I get easily distracted while working on them at home.  LOL

I think I did pretty good getting 26 or so made....

I also assembled the center of my Narragansett Blues quilt top....still needs borders.  This went together fairly quickly since I had all the 4 patches sewn already....

I was able to get this mini assembled into rows...and yesterday after setting up my machine back in my room, I couldn't resist sewing the rows together.  :)  It's a Schnibbles quilt called X-Rated and is for the upcoming Schnibbles Parade in June.  It's made with brown charms from a swap I did with my previous guild.

 We also had a group activity and we all made a Jelly Roll quilt...you know the one...they are called Jelly Roll Race, or 1600 quilt, etc.  Everyone enjoyed making them and they all turned out great!  I didn't use a purchased jelly roll, but instead used blue strips from my stash.  I plan to add a border of some type and make it a little bigger.

Here are 6 of the eight ladies that participated and their quilt tops!  It was lots of fun! (you can click on the picture for a closer view of the variety of fabrics used!)

 It's always sad to see retreat come to an end...now it's back to reality.  LOL  But the best part...all the snow was melted by the time I got home!  Yay!

Happy Quilting!


  1. I'm glad that you made it! It looks like a fun group and you did get quite a bit done.

  2. I think each of your projects is gorgeous! And those little boxes are so cute--thanks for the link. Even though you say they make up quickly, that was a lot of work to make that many!
    The JR quilt on the far left--did she just sew on a square at the end of each strip? I really like the effect!

  3. It looks like you had a lot of fun!

  4. My gosh......snow doesn't sound like fun!! Your little fabric boxes turned out great, thanks for the link! It really looks like you had a great time and got a lot done!

  5. I'm so glad that you got to go to the retreat. Looks like you got a lot done. I came across that box pattern a few years ago. Doug (my TBI son) and I made several. They are great to have on hand for gifts filled with goodies. Happy quilting, Marylin in Kansas

  6. Glad you got to your retreat! Your Schnibble is amazing with the browns you collected

  7. Sounds like you had a great retreat! Your Schnibble is beautiful in the browns that you collected.

  8. I love the Narraganset pattern. It looks great in all your blues. I've done a jelly roll race quilt. It was fun! I came last!


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