Friday, May 02, 2014


Occasionally, I get lucky.  And I mean really lucky to find a group of friends that I really click with.  In Delaware, I belonged to a quilting guild and a smaller quilting group called The Cotton Club.  These ladies were some of the friendliest and welcoming people I've ever met.  I'm pretty positive it's also because they are quilters...quilters are the best!!  It was sure hard to leave that group and through Facebook, texting, and email, I've tried to keep up with their activities and accomplishments.

Here are a few of the Cotton Club ladies at one of Bonnie Hunter's workshops.  We had such a great time at those workshops and it was fun to see all the "Bonnie" quilts come together over the next few months.
See the khaki pants next to Bonnie?  Her and I really hit it off.  We have lots in common with our families, being a mom, and of course, our quilting hobby.

Lisa recently sent  me a little care package and in it she included this note:
The Guild and Cotton Club are doing a new block of the month and would I like to do it to along with them?  Well, how could I say no!  It would be a fun way to stay connected to the I got online and ordered my pattern!

The quilt is a new pattern from Pat Speth, called Color Me Happy.  It's not particularly challenging or difficult, but each month teaches a different technique to make a block with 5" squares...which is Pat's specialty.  While I was a member of the Guild, we exchanged 5" squares for over a year, so this is a good opportunity to use them up!

I made my first block last week...I'm going to try and stick to browns and reds.  We'll see how that goes!

Lisa and I have also started exchanging spool "kits."  We'll send each other the parts to make the spools all cut and ready to sew together as Leaders and Enders.  This is another quilt that's been on my bucket list and now it'll be even better as a friendship quilt!

Stay tuned for progress on these two NEW projects!

Happy Quilting!


  1. I love your block! And I think it's so cool that you can make this quilt along with the rest of your friends even though you don't live there anymore. :0)

  2. It is lucky to click so much with a group. Over the years I have been a member of many quilting/stitching groups, both on post or off. Never before, though, have I bonded with a group like I have here. It is really going to be difficult to leave these ladies. We are exchanging flower blocks and spool blocks this year!

  3. How fun! It is great to have a group of ladies to quilt with!

  4. Sounds like the Cotton Club is a very special group. How nice to be included, even from afar!

  5. Love the little spool blocks! Just might have to cut some up for leader/ender project.

  6. What fun to have a fun group you can enjoy.


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