Thursday, August 21, 2014

And now....

Well, hopefully's been over two months since my last post.  You know the just gets busy and some things get put on the back burner.  In my blog definitely was put waayyy down on the priority list! : /  

Things are slowing down now and I've been thinking about the future of blogging and my blog specifically.  It seems that folks are moving toward other forms of social media to share their quilting hobby...Instagram, Facebook, etc.  The traffic on my blog (and all blogs, I believe) has slowed down and people taking the time to comment has slowed down even more.  I've seriously wondered if I should even continue it worth my time?  Is anyone even out there??  I have not been able to keep up with reading my favorite blogs the last couple of months either...but when I have a few minutes here and there, I find I do enjoy reading what you're all up to.  So it makes me think...if I still enjoy keeping up with what others are doing, maybe they like hearing about my quilty stuff.  Hmmm...something to ponder on for a while.

Part of the reason I've been sidetracked from quilting, sewing, blogging, etc., was this was the summer of DRIVING!  In May, June, and July, I went on five separate road trips (sometimes by myself, sometimes with the hubby) to Indiana, Idaho, California, Texas, and Delaware.  Whew...  I think in a 45 day period, I was on the road for 20 of those days!  June is also the peak month for change of command ceremonies and "going away" events here on base.  Then July brought Cheyenne Frontier Days -- a huge rodeo and state fair type event...which for us meant preparing our house for the Historic Homes Tour, eight official dinners/socials, five concerts, and three rodeo events in a two week period.  Whew...needless to say...we were ready for a vacation after it was over!

I had a few days to recover before it was time for our local guild's quilt show...of which I was a co-chair.  Lots of coordinating, planning, preparing for the whole year, but those last few weeks really put the pressure on... The show went off with a hitch, thank goodness!....and this week, I've basically been a hermit...enjoying the fact that there is almost nothing I -have- to do!  Yay!

 I don't have many pics from our travels as most weren't leisure/sight-seeing trips, but I did have to share a little about a special stop I was able to make to Missouri Star Quilt Company!! 

Meeting Jenny was really exciting.  She was so friendly and welcoming.  I got to see where she films her tutorials and in fact, they were setting up to start filming.  I met her son, Alan, too, and he had just finished his first quilt.  Did I mention this entire family is really tall?!  :)

It was totally worth it to go a little out of my way to stop and visit the shops...yes, shops!  There are 4 quilt shops in the little town of Hamilton, Missouri, owned by the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  Really great place and I'll be sure to go back when I'm traveling through again!

Another highlight was attending my niece's high school was a rarity to have our entire family together (we are the only family members that live out of the area and it's hard to get both of our kids there at the same time now that they are both grown with careers and living out on their own in different states)  This picture shows my mom and her four children and their spouses and children.  Awesome!

Well...I think I'll stop for now.  I have not accomplished much sewing this summer either (no surprise there!), but there are a few things I can show you.  I did actually make a quilt from start to finish for that little guy in the picture above...for his first birthday.  But, wouldn't you know it, I forgot to take a picture.  I've been trying to get one from family members, but you know how that goes sometimes...

Until next time...

Happy Quilting!


  1. GREAT to have the whole family together for a photo like that! Soon your weather will turn a bit "chilly" and you can be home catching up on all the sewing you didn't get to do over the busy summer. As for blogs, I'm still keeping mine even though I so rarely post on it. I think many of us feel as you anyone reading it? Is it worthwhile to continue? BUT.......I like to know it's there for whenever I do feel like posting (or checking out the other blogs on my "follow" list that I enjoy yours). So....don't delete your blog, okay??? :)

  2. You've been busy! Please don't stop blogging...I know the other social media seem to be taking over sometimes, but I still love reading all my quilty friends' blogs, yours included. :0)

  3. HI Michelle! Glad you had a little family time! Hey, I notice the traffic slowdown too..but I am going to keep blogging and enjoying your and every one elses blogs too! I really love it and think it is so worthwhile for me to continue. Love your blog!! And I have read it all, from beginning to end!

  4. I enjoy reading blogs MUCH more than being on FB so I really hope you'll continue posting. How fun to have such a travel filled summer!

  5. Oh...tried to post and sent out to who knows where.....welcome back and missed not reading your blog this past couple of months. nice to see you back and love your family photo. Nice to have family time and sounds like your schedule was very, very busy!

  6. Isn't it amazing how time flies? And wow - you have been BUSY! I've been feeling the exact same way about my blog, but am still plugging along with it for now. I keep telling myself that I will have shorter posts and try to do it more often, then it doesn't seem as time consuming. We will see what happens!

  7. Hi Michelle -- welcome back!! Summer tends to be a busy time for many of us. Sounds like you had a great time at Missouri Star Quilt Co. I hope to get there someday too. I hope you will keep your blog page going. I love to see and hear about your quilting projects. Your color choices inspire me. I have a Facebook account, but don't always keep up with it. For blogs I really enjoy reading I like to get the updates sent to my email inbox so I don't miss out on reading them. Hope to hear more from you in the future . . .

  8. Welcome back. I do hope you keep up your blog. I am always happy to see a post from you. I think we have a similar style and taste.

    I so get that feeling like you're posting and off it goes never to be read again. I have the exact same number of followers I've had for ages. Recently I had a new one then someone must have gone away because I was back down one.

    I attribute it to people not really reading blogs like they used to. All my favorites are dying out and I'm having trouble connecting with new ones. Often times the new ones are people who are trying to promote their own patterns and are given fabric by designers to I don't get anything personal out of their posts.

    I will try to be a better commenter...because I know that matters when the readership is falling. I often read on my ipad using Bloglovin' and commenting is a challenge.

    Just know that I am reading, love the goings on, pictures and what not.


  9. oooh don't stop blogging, it's my only form of social media. Claire

  10. Sounds like a fun filled summer! My blog is useless right now except for being able to navigate to other blogs. Sometimes I miss posting on mine but I think I'm getting use to not having it active. Have a great day!

  11. I hope you don't decide to stop your blog. I've been checking every day for 2 months for a new post! I have never commented before, but I've been reading through several of your moves throughout the country. I'm inspired by your quilts and your flexibility in moving every couple of years.

  12. I dont like fb or any of the other social networks. I enjoy reading blogs and actually have stopped following those who phase their blogs out to the social networks. I prefer my privacy, which is harder to hold onto these days. I just love all things quilts.

  13. Hi Michelle, I really enjoy your blog and hope it continues. I love the picture of you and Jenny at Missouri Star Quilts!


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