Saturday, August 30, 2014

Charming Stars

Do you like Sew Alongs?  I sure do...whether it's online or with a local sewing group, I find it gives me motivation and tons of inspiration!  I have really enjoyed sewing along with Terry at Terry's Treasures the last couple of years.

First was the Scrappy Stars....unfortunately, it's not quilted yet.  But I love how bright and cheery it is!

This winter brought the Goodnight Irene quilt....and this one has been gifted to my beautiful niece.  

And now Terry's chosen the Charming Stars quilt for the next project!  Click on the link for the FREE pattern.  Like I mentioned in my last post, I'm using a layer cake for my "charms."  I just cut the 10" squares into 5" inch squares and voila!!  I'm ready to go!  I'm using a muslin for the stars and it looks REALLY white in the picture...but it's a little darker in real life.  The light stars definitely POP though!

There isn't a requirement for how many blocks you sew at a time, or monthly, etc, but Terry suggests two or so each's just fun to share progress as we go along.  Since this is Christmas fabric, I -might- try to work a bit quick to possibly get in done in time for a Christmas gift?  Ohhh...that's asking a lot, huh?  LOL  These blocks are quick and easy...this whole quilt would go together really fast!  Also, I hadn't really thought about how big they are!!  Something like 14" square!  Woohoo!

Of course, I can't let the bonus triangles go waste...I have a project in mind for them already and decided I needed to get it started and keep it going during the sew along too.  Any guesses what it might end up to be?  :)

Can't wait to see what fabrics everyone else is using!  Thanks for another fun  Sew Along Terry!

Happy Quilting,


  1. Looks like fun. Terry always has great QALs.

  2. I made one of the Charming Stars for my sister...from all Thimbleberries, of course. Look on my blog and search for Charming Stars. When one is used to using pieces that finish at 1" square, this is a nice, quick quilt. Always enjoy seeing what you're up to.

  3. Thanks for sharing. The quilts are beautiful. I've been trying to resist getting involved in this sew along, but you are making it very difficult to resist!

    1. I do like sew-alongs but seem to be always matter how good I am, there is always a project to do that I have to do first! Love your progress and can't wait to see the left overs put into a quilt top!!

  4. The stars seem to fit so well in the Christmas fabrics! I do like this pattern and have saved it, but don't think I can sew along. I will love seeing yours come together. I have no clue what you are making from the bonus triangles. A chevron quilt maybe?

  5. How fun to see the results of two previous sew-alongs! And your blocks for the new one look great! I love those fabrics! :0)

  6. Looking forward to your finished quilt. Looks fun & easy ~

  7. Hi Michelle I popped over from Terry's blog.. Love your two quilts you've done with her previous SALs.
    Your Charming Stars are looking great . Hmm what will the left overs become?

  8. Visiting from Terry's blog and the stitch along.... lovely to see your stars and previous ones made.....

  9. I'm trying to round up fabric now without buying any, so checking out what others are using :)

  10. Hi Michelle, also visiting from Terry' s blog and the sew-along. What great quilts from the last two! Wonderful inspiration. Love your Christmassy stars, your zigs, (or are they zags?) look intriguing :)


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