Monday, September 29, 2014

Jax and Whit

I was so lucky to have my brother and his family visit this week!  You might remember from last July, I shared this picture of my youngest nephew, Jaxon....I've seen him a couple of times during our visits to California over this last year, but those visits have been pretty short and I don't get to spend much time with anyone in particular.  I love when a family member comes to visit us, because I get more one on one time.  :)

Here is that same little guy now 14 months old!  He is just adorable...he's such a happy baby and rarely fussy.  He is a busy little guy though, so he rarely sat still for "selfies!"

He's very appropriately dressed for our day exploring in his Air Force shirt!  He has another uncle that is about to go off to basic he's showing his Air Force pride for his uncles!

This is my brother, Matt.  I'm thankful for the time spent with him this week too...he was quite young when I married and moved out of state (about 5 years old!), and it sort of feels like we haven't had a lot of time together.  He's a great dad!

Jax is starting to chatter and say a few words...the cutest thing he says is "gottem gottem?"  Which is his way of asking for food or drink.  His parents don't know where it came from, but he very clearly knows what he's asking for when he says it.  So cute...he had the whole house saying it.

I'm so glad they came for a visit and miss all of them already.  I hope he doesn't grow up too much before I get to see him again!

Now on to quilting!  Earlier this month, I was able to piece this month's "Schnibbles" project.  This one is called Whit.  I used a charm pack called "Winter Wonderland" by Moda.  These little flying geese finish at 1" x 2"....I learned a little lesson with this choice of fabric.  With these small pieces, the motif on the fabric is lost in the tiny cutting and piecing.  The motifs were spread apart just enough, that I rarely got a whole snowman or any of the different designs to show on the little pieced block.  Oh well...we're always learning, right??
Why is there always ANOTHER thread/lint showing once you take a picture?

Of course, it's always windy in Wyoming, but this picture gives you a glimpse of the fabric I used for the back!

This picture shows the truest color of the Moda Marble Black I used....
You can see fall is full bloom here in WY.

This picture shows you the quilting....which is really hard to see, even in real life!   LOL  I had a hard time choosing how to quilt it...but I think this is best...I didn't want to do anything to take away from the little flying geese.  I just played around with some free-motion quilting on my regular machine.  It's not perfect, but you can't see it anyway, right?  :)

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Happy Quilting!


  1. Oh, that is funny--"gottem". I'll have to remember that when I am hungry. : )
    Love this Schnibbles--very pretty! Black and red are so striking together. That is a lot of little flying geese.

  2. Your nephew is adorable! and I love your little quilt! :0)

  3. Very nice and love to black background.....these "Geese" are very tiny but oh so cute. Your nephew is just so adorable and boy, do they grow fast!

  4. How sweet to have a little nephew to enjoy once your own kids are grown!

    Love your Whit. Mine is ready for its close up, too.


  5. Your nephew is adorable. Glad you had the special time with him & your brother. Love your quilt!

  6. I love how your Whit came out. I have learned lots doing the monthy Schnibble! This time it was a difficulty deciding on my background color. I'm so lucky to have my little nephew living here in town with us! He just turned 8 months last week. My sister and brother in law both had to go out of town last week, so I got to take care of him overnight. It was wonderful!

  7. I just love your version of Whit! This will make a great quilt for winter decorating. I will have to try a black background at some point. Your nephew is just the cutest! Must have been a fun visit.

  8. My niece comes each summer and spends a week with me. I love spending that time with her especially as she's getting older. Hopefully your visits with family will be frequent. As for your Whit quilt, the black, red and white are so dramatic. I love the contrast! It looks great.

  9. I really like the colors you chose and the way you quilted your version.

  10. You look like you enjoy having little ones around. I'm glad you got to spend some time getting to know your nephew. Whit looks great. I love the colours you went with. It's always windy where I live too, in South Australia.


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