Monday, September 01, 2014

Schnibble Fun

It's almost time for Another Year of Schnibbles!  I've loved these patterns for years and followed the blog "parades" for quite some time, but didn't jump in and participate until earlier this year.  After taking a little break over the summer, Sherri, Sinta, and Carrie are gearing up to start another year of fun!  Carrie, from Miss Rosie's Quilt Company has a whole bunch of new patterns called "Little Bites," so I'm sure some of those will be in the mix along with a few other surprises.

While we're waiting to hear what the announcement will be for our first pattern, everyone is showing their Year of Schnibbles from last here are mine from the last few months of parade.

X-Rated...made from my own stash of "charms."

Plan C...made from a Kansas Troubles charm pack

Hook...made from my own stash of charms

And Mini Swoon quilt by Thimble Blossoms.  No, this isn't a Schnibbles pattern, but it was one of the "surprises" thrown in to the parade.  Fun!

On September 1st, be sure to check out A Quilting Life and Pink Pincushion for more Schnibble parades.  

Happy Quilting!


  1. They are all delightful, Michelle, but I have to say that Plan C is calling to me! Can you hear it?
    I am impressed with how you can keep up with these monthly projects. I know they are little, but that doesn't mean they don't take time! And they are all beautiful. You choose your colors well. : )

  2. Great quilts! I'm getting excited about getting back "into it." Maybe then life will feel more normal. Your quilts are great! I still love the mini swoon and intend to make one similar to yours for myself!

  3. Love your parade!! Can't wait to see what this year brings :)

  4. Beautiful quilts! I have to say that plan C really caught my eye...great pattern and great fabrics too! Gotta love some KT! :0)

  5. Love your Schnibble quilts, and I have loads of brown that I want to use up in my stash, so thanks for the inspiration, I am off to find my book!

  6. I love Schnibbles. The Kansas Troubles fabric really makes that quilt. Its beautiful!


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