Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sew Together Bag

 Have you heard of the Sew Together Bag?  I started seeing it pop up around the springtime on Instagram.  I ordered the pattern, but just knew I wouldn't get to it for a while.  Some of the reviews were mixed saying that it wasn't an easy pattern to read, etc.  So I knew I would have to attempt it at a time when I could really concentrate and figure this thing out!

Much to my's not difficult at all!  If you just follow the pattern step by step, it goes together perfectly!  

The outside of the bag can be quilted and pieced to your liking.  I've been wanting to play with my selveges again, so this was the perfect opportunity!  And ta-da!  My Sew Together Bag.... 

It's about 10" long, 5" tall, and opens WIDE, so plenty big for larger scissors, rotary cutter, etc., for taking to a class or retreat.  The three pockets will be perfect for needles, machine feet, bobbins, etc.

This is the "innards" before it was fully assembled...just so cool how designers can figure these things out!  The little red square is a Needle Landing. 

Here is the other side of the bag (click the pic to see a close up of the fun selveges).  The pattern calls for machine sewing the binding, but I'm not real comfortable with that technique, especially on a small awkward piece, so I handstitched mine down.  I love it and can't wait to fill it up!

We have had much cooler temps the last couple of weeks....and in fact had a visit from Mr. Snow already!  It didn't accumulate to much and only stuck around for about 48 hours.  It has been exactly 4 months (May 12) since our last snow (12")!  Spring, Summer, and Fall sure went by fast!  LOL

We're expecting a little milder temps for the next week or so...I know fall is not totally over yet.  That cold snap did a number on my flowers though...all are pretty much done, but my poor Impatiens took the worst beating.  Poor little things looked so pretty just three days ago.  :(

Oh well...on to pumpkins, mums, and candy corn!!  

Happy Quilting!


  1. Your bag is fantastic! I have accumulated a lot of selvages and am always looking for a new project. That is marvelous.

  2. Great bag, and I love how you used your selvages for it! You can keep the snow though! LOL

  3. The selvedges really give personality to your bag. How fun! Looks like you did an excellent job of putting this together. Michelle! I haven't seen this bag before. Where have I been? : )

  4. This is so cute, Michelle! I love all the compartments.

  5. Cute bag Michelle and might try it...I could use a travel bag for retreats....Love your snow...I am such a winter lover (for about the first couple of snow falls!) Thanks

  6. Love your bag! This is on my list to do someday. SNOW!?!?! Already?!?!?! I am definitely not ready for winter to arrive. This summer has been beautiful and it can just stay that way LOL!

  7. What a great bag! The selvages are perfect for this project. I also love your Narragansett Blues quilt from a previous post. You always have wonderful projects.

  8. I want to make this little bag I bought the pattern on Crafty


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