Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Challenge Update and more!

Hello!!  I've been gone for a few days and miss last week's update post....but I haven't made too much progress since my last update, so it really didn't matter!  I've only added one more border to my Narragansett Blues top.  I'm soooo happy with how this quilt is turning out!  I'm close to being able to add the last two borders, so hopefully next week I'll have a finished top to show you!

The new kitty knows exactly what to do whenever a quilt top gets laid out on the floor.  How do cats know that?  LOL

I mentioned I was gone for a few days....I went on a quilt cruise to the Caribbean!!  It was was everything I could have imagined and even better!

My trip started out the day before the cruise departure.  I flew to Houston and was met up by my friend Irene.  She had booked a hotel for us.  Little did I know, the hotel was across the street from the International Quilt Market and Festival!  I was so excited!!  We only had a few hours, but we wasted no time after checking in to the hotel and we were there!!

 This is the first thing you saw after coming in the doors.  I'd been seeing pictures of this on Instagram for the last couple of weeks, but I never imagined I'd actually see it in person!  Just gorgeous!!  We didn't take a lot of time to look at the quilts.....

because THIS was calling to us!!  Hundreds and hundreds of quilt shops, vendors, publishers, etc.  It was soooo overwhelming!  You definitely need more than a few hours for this place!

 So much is online was fun to see some of that in "real life."  You also see "celebrities" from the quilt world...Alex Anderson, Lori Smith, Edyta Sitar, Jenny's ComicCon for quilters!!

 Meeting Eleanor Burns was definitely a highlight.  She is so sweet and talking to her, you felt like you knew her forever.  My first quilt was a Quilt in a Day pattern and I definitely owe much of my quilting passion to women like her that opened up a whole new world for me! 

Finally, the day was over...we had a yummy dinner and went back to our room just in time to see this!  The Festival had a fire-works show and this was the view from our room.  So cool!

I'll be back tomorrow with pictures from the cruise....for now, I'm trying to stay warm!  Quite the difference from the 85 degree weather where I was this time last week!!

Happy Quilting!


  1. How neat! looking forward to your next post with the quilt cruise pics~

  2. Love that quilt, Michelle! Can't wait to see it finished. : )
    Oh, my goodness, you have had a blast, it sounds like. Cool to meet Eleanor Burns. She was an early influence in my quilting, as well.
    Looking forward to more of your adventures!!

  3. OMGOsh, talk about good luck!!!! quilt is lovely, but the quilt exhibit AND "Eleanor"!!! What a story!!!

  4. Your quilt is gorgeous! A cruise sounds like fun! Glad you had a blast at Houston -- it's on my bucket list! Ummm...your temps? You can keep 'em there! LOL! :)

  5. Wow, sounds like a lot of fun!

  6. Sounds like fun times. How lucky to be across the road from quilt market and be able to go in! Your hair always looks really nice in photos. I have hair envy!


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