Friday, November 14, 2014

Feline Friday

More pics of Chloe and her antics.  There is never a dull moment in the life of a kitten!  She definitely has an independent spirit...but at the same time, she follows me through the house and never lets me get too far out of her sight.  She would call herself a "helper."  How is it that cats are instinctively drawn to fabric, fabric bins, sewing machines, and all things quilty?  LOL

"Can I sit here, please?"

"Let me make just a little adjustment for you..."

"I just need to sit here a moment and test the quiltiness of this quilt..."

"What do you mean I can't sit here either?"

And then there is this....who can not love a face like that?  It never fails, she tries to "help" when I'm on the computer too!  Finally she just gives up and has to take a rest from all her "duties."

Happy Quilting!

p.s.  I haven't forgotten about posting about the cruise.  Life has just been crazy this week in my life as a military spouse...but it's all good!


  1. Oh, how do you ever get anything done with that much "help"? But so irresistible!

  2. too cute. Little kitty had better watch her paws near the machine needle :)

  3. She's such a darling!! What a sweet furry companion you've got! :)

  4. She is so sweet, it is frustrating when they "help" but you can't help but to smile at them.

  5. Chloe is very dedicated to helping you quilt - inspecting needles and everything! Please don't let her teach my Zorro how to do that! They do look especially innocent as they sleep, don't they??!!


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