Sunday, November 02, 2014

Not so Charming Stars....

Sorry for the bad quality pictures...I forgot to take them in the daylight, so these are taken at night with a flash. Charming Stars quilt is finished!  I'm glad it's done...but this one was not without it's issues!

Doesn't look like anything is wrong in these pictures....

This quilt was meant to be a gift...but look....I washed it and the dark fabrics ran horribly onto the white stars and border...even with Color Catchers!

It doesn't show up as bad as it really is in person...

It's everywhere....

It's the worse along the fact, I think it's the black border fabric that is the culprit...I didn't prewash since I was using precuts....

Ugh, ugh, ugh.  I know there are some things I can try to try and get the color out.  We'll see...I'm feeling a little like I don't want anything to do with this quilt at the moment!!

It does feel VERY snuggle with 100% cotton batting and flannel backing.

 For now, it will have to wait.  I'm off for a very exciting adventure!

Stayed tuned and Happy Quilting!


  1. Oh no! I'm so've just had so many issues with this one. If it was me, I'd tea stain it or coffee stain it...maybe that would hide some of the bleeding issues. Let me know how it goes if you try it. And have fun on your adventure! :0)

  2. so sorry that your fabs ran :( it's still a comfy pretty quilt though!

  3. Such a pretty quilt. I"m sorry the fabric had issues. Hope there is a way to remove the unwanted color from the stars.

  4. How frustrating, I hope the colour comes off when you wash it again. Sorry I don't have any good tips for this problem, I hope someone else does!

  5. I hope something works out to make you happy with this quilt again. It looks so snuggly!
    I love the quilt on your bed, under the suitcase!
    Adventure, huh? Sounds like fun!!

  6. sad. I hope it will wash out. Someone told me about putting it in ice the fridge...changing the water occassionally to get the dye out. I did it for a little piece of cross stitch and it worked. It would be a bigger undertaking for a quilt but still...after all that might be worth a try.



  7. Hate when that happens and most of the time it doesn't but always just that one time on something special. Have fun with your adventure...

  8. Regarding the color running, I've used Shout on 3 occasions, with success, when color ran. Should I even say the words, "I feel your pain"? Good luck with fixes.

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  10. It is lovely, I would also tea die it and make it look older.

  11. A lesson for me. Of course you can't pre-wash pre-cuts, at least I wouldn't think so?
    It's been rare that I've pre-washed anything. I also haven't washed quilts when they were done before selling them either.
    I sure hope those that have been purchased washed well!

  12. Oh no! I can imagine how frustrated you must be. Hope your adventure cheered you up!

  13. Hate it when that happens! We really shouldn't have to pre wash with the quality of today's quilting fabrics. The only quilt I've had it happen to I had given to a friend for her sons birth, and I had pre washed those fabrics! I think the staining colour faded with each and every subsequent wash.


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