Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Parade of Quilts

Merry Christmas Eve!!  There is no denying it now...Christmas is here!!  It sure came quickly for me and seemed at times like I was never going to get it all done....but it's all done now!  We have a casual lunch at hubby's office today, a few gifts to deliver to friends and neighbors, then a trip to the airport to pick up Zach.  Woohoo...let the party begin!  :)

Bonnie over at Quiltville is having a little Christmas linky share Christmas things you've been working on -besides- the mystery quilt.  Well, the few things I have been working were gifts and they have not been opened yet by the receiver, so those pics will have to wait.  

Instead, I thought back to Christmas quilts I have made...and at first, I thought to myself that I haven't made too many Christmas quilts.  Wrong.  I save my pictures in files by the year and as I went back year by year, I realize I do have a few.  Most of them seem to be wallhangings though.  I think I'll put on my bucket list to make another large Christmas quilt soon!

This first wallhanging was from the "before 2004" file.  Digital pictures were just becoming the norm...I do remember we lived in Florida when I made this...and that was 2003-2004.  It has a "mountain" in the center and I did my best to "quilt it out."  But alas...when it hangs on the wall, it has a little pokey point in the center.  LOL

Also 2004...I think I gifted this to a family friend....

Looks like this was 2007....I made two of these, one was donated for a door prize.  This was in a Fons and Porter magazine.

Also 2007...gave this one to my sister... 

Disappearing 9 patch....2008.  I love this one...flannel on the's on our couch every year.

A quickie Thimbleberries mini....2008 

My favorite!!  This is a freebie pattern from Patchalot Patterns....2008...I made two of these too.

2010...a fun Thimbleberries quilt.  This one lives in the camper. 

I love this little embroidery...I gave it to my sister in 2010...I need to make one for me!

The Elf Quilt!  It's actually called Busy Little Elves....another favorite from 2010!  I leave it up all year in my sewing room.

I finished this quilt in 2011, but I made the embroidery blocks in '07 or '08.  This was a fun freebie from Gail Pan.

Roll Roll Cotton Boll....Quiltville mystery from 2011-2011....I wanted it to be a Christmas quilt, so used red, green and gold...just doesn't "scream" Christmas.

 2012...Hometown Christmas...another Thimbleberries...

Snow Days might have to click to enlarge to see the this one too and leave it up through the winter.

2014...Warm Winter Blessings....Love this one!!  It'll stay up through the winter months too!

I think that's all of them...I know I have a few tablerunners too...but this will do for now.  LOL

My wish for all of you is a blessed and happy Christmas spent with the ones you love!

Merry Christmas!


  1. I have made some of the very same ones. May I buy your pattern for the large T'b one?

  2. I actually love Roll, Roll Cotton Boll! It is Christmasy enough without being overpowering.
    You have so many fun Christmas creations. I know I haven't made this many.
    Merry Christmas to you, Michelle!

  3. That was fun to see your Christmas parade.........they are all beautiful!! Have fun today!! Talk to you soon.
    Love, Mom

  4. I love your quilts! Have a merry Christmas!

  5. What a memorable collection! Thanks so much for sharing the photos and the stories.

  6. Enjoyed looking at your collection of quilted wall hanging /quilts you've made through the years. Merry Christmas~

  7. Wow, that is quite a collection! So fun! Have fun making merry!

  8. Beautiful quilts...Merry Christmas! :0)


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