Friday, December 26, 2014

Feline Friday and some finishes!

Happy Day after Christmas!!  This has been a great day for me...just enjoying a quiet day in my sewing room!

I can show you one of the gifts I made for Christmas...a t-shirt quilt for our daughter.  Both of our kids have oodles and oodles of t-shirts....and this is a "bundle" of them from a couple years ago that for one reason or another were weeded out of the daily wear category, but were favorites enough that she didn't want them gone forever.  :)

I tried a few new to me design and assembly techniques and I'm really happy with the results! 

She was really happy with the quilt, so I'm happy too! 

I did machine binding this time, which I don't have a lot of experience with, but I'm getting better and improving my results.

I also finished this little mini quilt from my Quilt Cruise in November.  It's from the class with Kim Diehl and is wool applique combined with pieced borders.  It measures 12" x 14".  It was fun to do and will always be a fun memento of the cruise...I can remember my friend Irene and I stitching the applique while watching the waves and lounging in a deck chair!

Chloe enjoyed the quiet day today too...I found her sleeping on my sewing table...that can't be comfortable! 

but she seemed to be completely relaxed.... 

She didn't even notice this....LOL 

By the way, that is Grand Illusion Mystery Step 5 under my needle....I was happy to see a quick and easy step this week.  It's all done and plenty of time this week to catch up on some other projects.

Happy Quilting!


  1. Great looking T-shirt quilt, Michelle!
    I love the little Kim Diehl quilt. Wonder if she will ever make the pattern available?
    Chloe is pretty funny--talk about a relaxing day sewing! : )

  2. That last picture is hilarious! Your t-shirt quilt turned out great!

  3. Great Tee Shirt quilt!

  4. Love the t-shirt quilt! I need to make one of those for a friend...any tips? Love Chloe too...she must really have been enjoying her spot in the sun there! LOL

  5. neat t-shirt quilt & pretty smaller quilt & silly kitty!

  6. I also made some t-shirt/memory quilts for my neighbor and her siblings. I just got back home yesterday so I haven't attempted Clue #5....thank goodness it is a simple one.......maybe I will work on it today during Quilt Cam?


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