Friday, December 19, 2014

Feline Friday and Winner!

We have a winner for the number of yo-yo's in the jar!  In fact, the guess was almost exact!  The number of yo-yo's was 81 and Heather from Peachy Pages guessed 80 and also guessed that I made 20 trees...which was also right!  LOL  I have one yo-yo left over....guess I have a head start on next year.  :)

All the bunco girls seemed happy with their little trees.

I found it difficult to photograph these trees...

they aren't very photogenic.  :)

And for a little Feline is Chloe in the window bed.  We've had this for a while now hanging in a living room window.  Megan's cats used to use it occasionally when they were staying here, but since they've left, it always sat empty.  Until I moved it here.  Chloe loves it now!  Maybe it's a better view of the outside?

I hate to keep jumping around subjects...but I've been noticing when I comment on blogs, I get quite a number of the comments returned with the error message "rejected by the server."  After some Google searching, I discovered it's because I use a common email server (Yahoo) and blogger/google/other email servers are cracking down on spam and rejecting emails that look like spam.  I guess it's a good thing (less spam)...but at the same time, I wonder if people ever realize I comment on their blog?  

I can tell it's happening to other people too...when I go to my blog to read the comments, there are comments there that I did not receive an email notification of.  Does that make sense?  So even if the email wasn't sent for the comment, the comment made it to the blog.  Anyway...a little frustrating because it seems fewer and fewer people take the time to comment anymore and when they do, I like to reply...or when I take the time to comment on someone's post, I want the blogger to know I commented.  LOL  Anyone found a solution to this?

Clue 4 was released I'm off to finish up a little from Clue 2 (still!) and then I'll get started on 4!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Thanks Michelle! I've noticed the rejected emails, too, but I haven't heard of a work around yet. Let us know if you learn anything.

  2. Wow--that is a lot of little trees. They just like to "hang" around--they aren't used to standing on their feet. : )
    Haven't noticed this problem with comments. Maybe I need to pay closer attention.

  3. I hope I am not missing folks' comments! I too like to reply and say thanks for commenting, I have made some good bloggy friends that way!

  4. What cute trees. You've been busy!

  5. Cute trees! I'm still working on Clue #2 as well! Had to go buy some fat qtrs...didn't have enough black for variety's sake!

  6. Well, I'm late...I was going to guess 84, does that count for anything? Haha! Such cute little trees - I need to show them to my SILs mother - she loves making yo-yos. I've not noticed any rejected comments on my blog, but will keep an eye out.

  7. I love your trees! I'm behind on my reading so I missed your earlier post! I've not had the problem with emails, I use a gmail account for all of my blog stuff, it helps me not to lose any emails since I use use yahoo for everything else.

  8. Love the floating cat hammock. Is it held up with giant suction cups? I'll have to keep my eyes open for one of those. I have several cats who might enjoy it.


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