Monday, December 08, 2014

Link Up! Grand Illusion - Step 2

Here we are already with clue two!  I'm *this* close to finishing clue one and I have all the fabrics cut and ready to go for clue two.  Is it just me...or does it seem like a lot of parts to both of these first two clues?  I don't know why am I even surprised...most of Bonnie's quilts have about this many pieces.  I always love them in the end...just right now, I feel like I'm buried under 2.5" squares!

Here are all my squares with sewing lines drawn...two lines per square for the bonus triangles!

I sewed just a few to make sure my cutting and seam allowances were on point.  They went together easy peasy! 

This would be a fun block...

And of course the bonus half square triangles are as cute as can be!  

Be sure to check out Bonnie's blog link up to see how everyone else is doing.  

That's about all the sewing I accomplished this week.  I did work a bit on a Christmas gift and I'll show that after it's been gifted!  I'm desperately behind schedule with decorating, shopping, wrapping and all the hubbub that happens in the month of December.  I'm hoping this week will be the miracle week where it all gets done!  :)

Happy Quilting!


  1. They look wonderful. I'd be thrilled to see that pinwheel in the final lay-out.

    I am just home from a whirlwind weekend away so am only just heading to my sewing room. I should have a few finished so I can do the link up but it will probably take me all week to finish.

    I wasn't going to do the bonus triangles after falling behind but maybe I'll try.


    1. Thanks Pam! I don't know why your comment wasn't sent to my email, but I'm glad you stopped by! Good luck with Step's going to take me all week too. Too many other things to keep up with at this time of year!

  2. You're doing great with this mystery! I've always wanted to try one, but they just overwhelm me! LOL

  3. Looking good--great fabrics.
    Hey, if this turns out to be the miracle week for you, can I borrow it when you are finished with it?? : )

  4. Love your fabrics! I am ready to start sewing step 2 :) The days are flying by in December. I need to get cards and presents mailed this week. Hope you have lots of extra energy this week!

  5. The blocks look perfect and I love your colors!

  6. Lovely! Brown and red make a nice colour variation.

  7. Beautiful, I love your colors!

  8. Your colors are once again........AMAZEBALLS! I like your guess as to the block this unit may make? I am getting caught up on shopping since my parents are visiting, but, sadly, my sewing is lacking! YIKES!

  9. Lovely colours, and love your little layout so far. No progress my end, but there is light at the end of the ' holiday' tunnel.


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