Monday, January 12, 2015

Mystery Quilt Update

Yay!  My Grand Illusion quilt is quilted!  I can't say it's "done" yet because the binding is not on, but that'll be a nice relaxing part while watching TV at night this week.  :)  This is a nice big took the better part of a day to quilt it!  I am very pleased with how it turned out.  It was a breeze to assemble...I rarely needed pins...everything just fit together so nicely!  Even the borders went on lickety split!

After it was quilted, I tried it out on our guest bed...nice but...

I think it looks better on our bed with the darker wood.  Hubby said he really liked it, so as soon as the binding is done, I'll switch out quilts and put this one right to good use! 

As you can see, I went with the blue cornerstones.  I just felt it gave my eyes a place to rest on the quilt...the red just seemed a little more wild. :)  I'm very happy with the fabrics I chose...I usually switch from Bonnie's color -suggestions- with each mystery and don't feel I have to stick to her colorway if they aren't my preferences and most especially if they aren't fabrics I would have on hand.  The goal is to use what you have, right!!?? 

 I love this part!  I used up some of the extra units in the back!  Boy, let me tell you...figuring and sewing that center part together took almost as long as assembling the top!  Well, maybe not that long, but sheesh!  I found the brown fabric in the $6/yard sale bin, but there was only 6 this worked perfectly and my backing was -just- long enough!  Whew.

I'm going to bind it with blue as well and then this one can be called done!!  Woohoo!  Thanks again Bonnie for another fun mystery!!

My sewing room is all cleaned up and ready for the next project...seemed like Grand Illusion had exploded in there over the last six weeks!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Congratulations!! It's beautiful! :0)

  2. The back looks great--I rarely take the time to make them interesting though I really like the effect! Your front is great how you changed up the colors and it really worked! Way to go on getting it quilted already--WOW!

  3. Beautiful! Love the pieced back!

  4. You are amazing! I really love this. I haven't been looking at the link-ups, but I have seen a few and I think this is my favorite so far. The blue was a good choice--I just love all of your color choices. I can see guys loving this one, and it does look really good on your bed.
    Very nice effect on the back. I cannot believe you just have the binding left! : )

  5. You are fast!!! I finish the top but quilting....I hope soon :)
    I love your quilt, front and back!

  6. I love it! I agree it looks better with the darker wood.

  7. It is a jealous of your machine quilting! Feathers galore!

  8. It is wonderful. I made Roll, Roll, Cottonboll the year it was the mystery. I had planned for it to go on our bed, but when done, we couldn't sleep under it. All of those small pieces and seam allowances made it so heavy.

  9. Absolutely beautiful Michelle! I am so impressed you already have it quilted! The backing is so cool! Congrats on a wonderful finish!

  10. Congrats on the finish and love your colors! I'll be quilting mine just as soon as I purchase a backing for it.

  11. Your quilt turned out very beautiful! I love how you flipped the border and the added blocks on the backing.

  12. Love your color choices and just a great quilt. Wish I could say I am that far along.....but am plugging along. Nice to see some finished quilts and good motivation. Love your quilt and great color choices.


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