Tuesday, February 24, 2015

9 patches and pincushions

Terry over at Terry's Treasures has once again come up with a fun sew along project...I've participated in the last 2-3 of hers, so might as well stick with it.  I'm no quitter!  :)

This time it's the 9 patch and snowball pattern.  I'm making 6" blocks and pulled out my bin of 2.5" squares.  I looked online for some inspiration...maybe to find a twist on the traditional pattern.  I found somewhere the idea to put a square in the center of the snowball.  Then Terry and her mom came up with the same idea, so I decided to give it a try too!

Here you can see I have four of the snowball blocks made and it made me go "hmmm?"  Not sure I'm completely thrilled with it.  I think I'll make a few without the center square and see which way I like better.

I kind of like how a star pops out from all the snowball corners...do you see it?  I started wondering how it would look if I made all the points one color so the star really popped?  Oh...decisions, decisions!!  On a side note...do you see that really light blue turquoise in the center 9 patch?  Ugh...that was all I could see!!

Here I swapped it out...there, much better.  LOL  I'll use that block on the outer edge somewhere.  :P

I also made two fun pincushions this week.  This Star Penny pincushion came from the Primitive Gatherings booth at Quilt Festival in Houston.  I wanted to buy everything!!  They had so many kits...it was just too tempting!  But I settled for this small kit as a souvenir of such an exciting trip!  I'm not sure if I overfilled this one, but all those little "tongues" kind of stick up in the air instead of laying flat on the table like the picture looks to be.  Mine is more similar to a sea anemone.  LOL  I should have taken a side picture.

I also finally assembled this patriotic star from a kit that was gifted to me a few years back.  The pattern is from Buttermilk Basin...I love her stuff!!  I really enjoyed making these two little kits....they really don't take too much time.  I don't know why I had them sitting around so long!

Hope you all are having a good week and staying warm!  Lots of snow all across the country!  Hurry up Spring!!

Happy Quilting!


  1. I'm trying to recall, but it seems like I saw someone putting the center squares in the snowball blocks on point, using applique. Was that Terry's blog? I don't know--just another idea.
    Love your two pincushions--from 2 of my favorite designers! Hmm, can you let some stuffing out of the anemone and see if it sits flat? : )

  2. Looks like you have been having fun~

  3. I love your pincushions, especially that first one! I think because your background is scrappy on your snowballs, they look too much like your nine patch blocks for the pattern to flow with that block in the middle. You might try to make a few like mine with the square set on point, and see how that looks. Just a thought. :0)

  4. Love both of the pin cushions! I've not seen that pattern from Primitive Gatherings - too cute!


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