Friday, February 20, 2015

A February Finish!!

This month is just flying by, isn't it?  Part of me is happy to see the time pass means we're closer to spring and personally, it means we're closer to knowing what the future holds for us as a family and where the next adventure will begin.  :)  

At the same time though...I want life to slow down so I can take the time and enjoy each moment.  I know it's up to me to make that happen, but life and all it's busyness sure seems to be the driver at the moment!

I'm still working on a big project for a client...but the end is very near!  By this time next week, I'll be yelling from the's done!!!  yay!!

I did take some time to quilt this beauty!  It's Narragansett Blues from Bonnie Hunter's book "More Adventures with Leaders and Enders."  The picture isn't the best, I was hurrying before the winds picked up.  I just love it with all it's scrappy goodness!

I also love that I cleared out some big chunks of fabric for the back...all of the fabric for the entire quilt came from my stash!  Awesomeness!!

I quilted it with a medium blue thread and one of my favorite designs called "Popcorn."

I also finished up block two of Buttermilk Basin's wool mystery project.  These are quick and fun!  Can't wait to see what March's design will be.

 Another finish for February is the Ornament of the Month.  I thought they were all going to be snowman...I don't know why I thought that...but was pleasantly surprised by this cute little mitten!

And what's Friday with out a little feline fun...Chloe is obsessed with Wonder Clips.  They are perfect size for chewing...but then they pop off and I don't want her to try and swallow it!  LOL  It's become quite the challenge when working on a binding! 

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Gorgeous finish, Michelle! And all from stash--what a bonus!! : )
    I just finished the 2nd mystery block as well. Interesting how people can use the same pattern and create such different looks with their fabric choices. Yours look really good.
    Haven't made the mitten yet. You did a great job!
    I gifted the snowman and I am thinking of a little different twist on my future "ornaments". We'll see.
    My goodness, Chloe looks very intent on those clips, like she expects them to jump, or something. : )
    So sorry we couldn't connect last week. Would have loved to meet up!

  2. Your Narragansett Blues is beautiful! :0)

  3. Your quilt is beautiful! Your Chloe reminds me of my Pippi! LOL

  4. How nice to get your Narraganstett Blues finished. I remember that it was your favorite quilt from Bonnie's new book and you couldn't wait to make it. I saw your wool items on IG and so I joined the wool embroidery group on FB and am enjoying it. I have the Buttermilk Basin BOMs prepped and waiting to be stitched, too.

  5. Nice finish with the quilt and like your quilting....wish I was that good. Nice to have helpers around your sewing stuff and Chloe looks ready to pounce....;)

  6. Great finish Michelle! Naragansett Blues is on my list too! I want to squeeze your Chloe girl! Her face and eyes are too cute!

  7. How do you join "Ornament of the Month"?

  8. What a pretty, scrappy fun quilt!! Love it...and your wool projects too. I just MUST get going on the that Buttermilk Basin quilt!


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