Wednesday, February 04, 2015

WIP Wednesday

I think all the excitement and activity from the last week and a half has caught up with me and yesterday I just needed to be a hermit.  I ended up in my sewing room almost the entire day!  LOL  I didn't have the TV on or music, or anything.  Just quiet...except for the sound of my sewing machine...
I assembled all the "block one" blocks for the quilt I started at retreat, called "Star Trellis."  I had almost all the units completed by the time I left retreat, so it wasn't too difficult to get them all assembled...and it didn't need a lot of brain power.  There is a second/alternate block that produces a secondary design...I have to say, I like these blocks just like this too!  (and of course, I picked the obligatory quilt inspector photo)

While I was sewing the Star Trellis blocks, I made these 9 patches as leaders and enders...pretty good turnout, if I do say so!  These blocks will be used in a snowball and 9 patch quilt...which is a sew along over at Terry's Treasures.  These 2.5" squares seem HUGE to me...I've been working with smaller squares for quite sometime, and since I haven't used these in a while, I thought it was time to pull them out and give them some attention.  :)

Another sew along I'm joining (have I mentioned I really like sew alongs?  haha), is American Patchwork & Quilting's "Go Four It."  In the current (April) issue, there are three different quilt ideas using 4 patches.  This is the option I'm choosing to do...called Rainbow Rows.

I'm using my stash of 1.5" squares...I sewed all of these while watching Quilt Cam with Bonnie last night!  Woohoo!  I have about 100 made at this point...only about 650 more to go!  LOL  I'm going to have to keep up with cutting more neutral squares.

And as usual...I can't just make a "copy" of the original quilt..I have to put my own twist on it.  In this case, I'm switching the light/dark layout.  The other bonus...another chance to use my stash of 2.5" squares!  My neutrals will make the "rows," instead of the colors making the rows.  Does that make sense?  I'll have to come up with another name rather than Rainbow Rows. some of you asked me to share pics of the fabric that came home with me from retreat and the awesome quilt shops I went to!  Here we go!

I'm always on the lookout for neutrals....and at $5-6/yard, how can I pass them up?  LOL

a few more goodies...look at those blues!  Most of these are for specific projects...

And some cute fabrics for a baby quilt...probably will use the Yellow Brick Road pattern with these...

And the bolts!!  The Jo Morton on the bottom was $2.50/yard!  The red was $3/yard...who can pass that up??!!  Believe me, I would have come home with more if they would have fit in my suitcase!  :)

It's snowing today with 4+ inches so far...I think I'm seeing another sewing day today!  

Happy Quilting!



  1. You've been busy! Those little dinosaurs are adorable! :0)

  2. I like the layout of just the one block!! That may have to become a whole "nother" quilt. Marie

  3. Wow, you weren't kidding about your Hoito bag being heavy! Good job assembling your blocks.

  4. I do like those blocks in the top photo!
    You have big plans for your 4-patches--and lots of 4-patches to make. : )
    Nice fabric acquisition, for sure.

  5. Love your Star Trellis quilt. I got the same magazine and just sped through the pictures when it first arrived. I didn't realize it was a quilt along. I loved the colors in the magazine but your reverse colors are so pretty too. And ohhh, the deal you got on the fabric! Good job!

  6. Oh goodness, where do I start? LOL! I love your new quilt top! Love those blocks! Wonderful fabrics too. Neutrals is something that I never have enough of. I can't wait to see all of the quilts that you use these beautiful fabrics in.

  7. What fun and love sew-a-longs! I too have a couple going and great inspiration to try new things. Love, love, love all those fabrics and yes, who could pass up those bargains....:)))

  8. This whole post just made me happy, happy, happy. All your new great projects and fabric choices and fabric acquisition and quilt inspector and all your energy just bursts from the screen. Congrats on the fabulous fabric finds!!!

  9. Great shopping loot, too good to go past! Loving the nine and four patches. I don't understand how you guys can get the April copy of the magazine though, when its only February? I am hoping I can get it (in Australia) in March...but sooner would be better!

  10. You are keeping busy with all these neat projects! All look fun! Great fabric purchases~

  11. I love your quilt and your inspector!

  12. I am doing Go Four It! too....loving your four patches! I just started last night so only have 13 made so far...I plan to watch Quilt Cam this one behind!

  13. Your quilts are beautiful! And that Haul of fabrics....awesome! You really got some great fabrics and the prices! Gasp! I too have been thinking about the four by four sew along, still deciding. If you really like sew alongs and like small quilts hop on over to my blog and join! You can join anytime!


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