Thursday, March 05, 2015

Add this to the list....

 ...the list of quilts I never thought I'd make...a "Jolly Roger" quilt!  The pattern is Simple Sashing & Rectangles, which is free on the All People Quilt website!  I think this is the third time I've made one.  You can see the others HERE and HERE.  I have a hard time picking just three fabrics for a quilt!  I much prefer "scrappy."  These fabrics are probably plan C or D....I kept changing my mind.

...the Jolly Roger is a mascot of sorts here at FE Warren AFB and if you're interested, you can read about the history of it HERE

Every year, the Spouses' group hosts an auction which raises money for scholarships.  This quilt will be donated to the auction. 

 I tried to get a picture in my favorite spot...but the wind would not cooperate!!

While I was there in my favorite spot on base I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of the pronghorn.  I'll never get tired of seeing these beautiful.  I think they are the prettiest at this time of the year because their coats are thick and full.  They shed in the summer and have really patch-y coats. 

I also finished another pincushion.  This one is from Primitive Gatherings.  I love it!

I think things are getting back to normal mode now that I have these TWO big deadline projects done.  :)  I have a couple more quilts that have deadlines as they are gifts and I need to stay on the ball with them or I'll be working at the last minute again like I did with this one!  LOL

Happy Quilting!


  1. Hi Michelle! Do you guys have your new assignment yet? Any chance you'll be coming to Scott??? If so, you'll have an instant friend here!

  2. That's a great quilt if you have a focus fabric you want to show off. Love you little's adorable! :0)

  3. Love your quilt and checked out the pattern on APQ website....looks to be really fun. Thanks for the site.

  4. That is a fun looking quilt--should get the bidders going!
    Love that you can view the wildlife on the base.
    VERY cute pincushion. Was that a free pattern that came with the coupons? I missed out on that.


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