Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I'm still here!

It's just been one of those months when I feel like I'm two steps behind and every time I take I step forward, I trip and drop everything I have in my hands.  Do you ever feel like that?  LOL

The best part of the month so far was our trip to Florida to see our kids.  Zach lives there and Megan flew in too.  We had lots of fun just hanging out...going to movies, the beach, and of course the trip wouldn't be complete without a trip to Universal Studios to see the new Harry Potter attraction!  

This was the only picture we got of all of us.  :(  Note to self...take more pictures!  Yes...it was packed there!

Remember this quilt from my last post?  The auction took place while I was away and it sold for $470!  I was thrilled and didn't expect it to go for that much.  We also put together a basket with various things to do in Cheyenne (hotel stay, concert tickets, restaurants, etc) and it went for $650!  That really surprised me too!  It's all for a good cause (scholarships for military dependents), so I'm happy!

Since we've been home, I feel like I haven't accomplished anything...but I did put together this little giftie for a swap....another note to self:  Don't sign up for swaps.  LOL  I always put them off until the last minute and then I'm mad at myself for rushing.  Oh well, it's done and in the mail.  BTW...it is a cat themed swap, which is why I caved and joined.  LOL  These, along with a few other goodies, are winging their way all the way to Australia!

This week, I finally had some quality time with my sewing machine and assembled all the "block one" blocks for the Texas Tumbleweeds quilt.  I promised myself I would quit pointing out my errors, so I won't tell you about the big fat boo-boo I made when putting these together and basically had to start the whole thing over.  But yeah, I won't tell you about that.... 

Today, I assembled these cute Bitty Blocks for the Quiltmaker Magazine quilt-along.  They are so cute and finish at 3".  They were a breeze to make...the choosing/cutting of fabric took longer than the sewing!

Ooh...I whipped up this little doll quilt for our great-niece.  Her mom (our niece) has had a doll all her life she called "Mimi."  It's been very well loved and frankly, looks a little worse for the wear and is actually a little scary.  Her husband doesn't want it to come out of the closet.  :)  Well, a few months ago, we found this tiny doll and it looks exactly like Mimi, just mini version of Mimi, so we knew we had to get it for our great niece.  Her birthday (she'll be 2) is coming up and I decided she needed a baby quilt for her new baby.  :)   It measures 10" x 12" and the pink squares are leftover from my Goodnight Irene quilt.

The next couple of weeks will be crazy with family visits and house hunting trips...but it's all good stuff!!  Meanwhile, I'm squeezing in quilting and sewing whenever I can!!

Happy Quilting!


  1. I went to Harry Potter World in October and it was one of the coolest experiences I've ever had....sooooo much fun! Did you try the butter beer?

  2. You have been a wanderer this year, haven't you? : )
    Congrats on the success of the auction quilt and basket. That is great!
    Great gifts for a cat lover.
    Thanks for not telling us about your big booboo. *LOL*
    Cute, cute houses. Wonder if they could be made smaller--jk!
    Fun story about your niece and her doll. Hope her daughter appreciates her mini Mimi. Very sweet!
    House hunting--so you know where you are going now?!?

  3. Good to see you back and looks like you enjoyed your FL visit....can't complain with the weather here:))) Love your little doll quilt and those house blocks are adorable.

  4. You've been busy...I love the little houses! :0)

  5. How fun! A family vacation as adults is so much different than when you are a kid! Congrats on your quilt raising that much money! What a wonderful feeling that must be!

  6. Love the Texas tumbleweed blocks. I made my kids some dolls quilts for their soft toys when they were toddlers, but when about four years old I found they prefered sleeping bags for their toys. I found a free pattern on the web and didn't bother with a zip, kids loved them and so did my friends kids, was a great way to use up scrap wadding and binding!


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