Monday, March 02, 2015

It's March already!!

I know everyone is saying it...but time is going so fast!!  I can't believe it's March already!  I realized yesterday, we'll be packing our house and preparing to move in less than three months!!  Yikes!!  I have a lot I want/need to accomplish in that time.  <>

I did get a big job checked off my list by the end of last week though.  A little bit before Christmas, I agreed to make TWO quilts out of baby clothes for a customer.  I've made tshirt quilts before and I feel pretty comfortable making them with no major issues.  So I figured, why not?  It would be a little extra money and wouldn't be too difficult, right?  Ha...famous last words!!  This was the most challenging project I think I've ever made and much more time consuming than I ever imagined.  I probably put 30+ hours into EACH of these quilts....really I stopped keeping track because it was too depressing.  LOL

Anyway...they aren't perfect, but they are done and the Momma was happy!!

I used flannel on the back and did the binding on my machine.  Not my preferred method, but I think it's better for this type of quilt. 

The second one.... 

I'm happy they are done and I can move on to other quilt projects!!

 I pulled out a wool project I'd like to finish up and I needed a couple of ideas for shapes and designs.  Pinterest is always good for finding the right thing...I found something I really liked, but it was a dead I resorted to this.  I traced it right off my computer screen.  Oops...I hope that's okay to do!  LOL  I promise I'm not going to market it as my own's just going on my own little project.  :) 
p.s.  Anyone know how to get Sharpie marker spots off your computer screen?  Oops again...LOL

Happy Quilting!


  1. These baby clothes quilts are great. Interestingly, the timing of this post is perfect . I've just been asked to do the same thing with baby clothes. Don't have the pile yet but I might be asking for advice in the near future~

  2. Cute quilts! I know that rubbing alcohol takes Sharpies off of plastic. It might work on your computer screen. I just dipped a Qtip in the rubbing alcohol and then rubbed it over the area. Came off quick and fairly easy!

  3. Love the quilts! It seems like you just moved there! LOL

  4. The quilts are adorable and well thought out. You obviously took a lot of care in your design. I did something like this for a co-worker who lost her teenage son. Extremely challenging but well loved.

  5. Looks like it was a challenge to fit all of those clothing pieces together. You did well!
    Frustrating to run into those dead links, isn't it? You came up with a brilliant solution! : )

  6. You did such a wonderful job on the baby clothes quilts! I bet that was the most challenging project with the different fabric types and coming up with a design. Hope you are excited about your new base assignment--fingers crossed it will be a good move!

  7. I feel the same way you do when I try to come up with something for a customer like this. But, I can say without a doubt, you did an AMAZING job, and as you know.....if Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. SO, it looks like you have nothing to worry about!

  8. LOL I sure like the outline of the sewing machine. Would love that to use as a quilt label. Could you please send the url of the original website where you found that? Thanks a bunch.

  9. Cute little quilts and guess we always put a lot of time into ntops for their Mom loves them.

  10. OH how pretty! It is funny how we get pulled into projects like that, but I know the mom was delighted!


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