Monday, April 20, 2015

Monthly Update

Monthly updates seems to be the best I can do lately!  :)  But as always, I'm hopeful things will get better and I'll get back to sewing and quilting!

We did make a house hunting trip recently and found a lovely home close to where hubby will be working.  We looked at lots and lots of houses and it's a bit overwhelming!  Trying to decide the best location, price, something that doesn't need a lot of work, AND a place for the longarm.  LOL  That was becoming the most frustrating part for me...there were a couple of nice homes we had to decline because there was no space for the longarm.  It's a mixed blessing, having this longarm and moving so much.  Anyway...we found one we are both happy with! 

I just might have stopped at a couple quilt shops during our travels...later in the week of our house hunting trip, we traveled to our daughter's home in Delaware and we stopped at my favorite Millstone Quilts in Mechanicsville, Virginia, and Lil Country Shoppe in Middletown, Delaware.  Do you see a theme here?

I'm running low on reds and blues and needed a little restock...partly because I just finished this quilt top...
It's called Texas Tumbleweeds...I love it!  It's a gift for a good friend and I'll be sad to see it go, but I know my friend will love it!

If you've read my blog for very long, you know I love to make bonus triangles whenever I can.  The quilt above resulted in TONS of them....especially because I made a small booboo and had to remake one of the units (the "wrong" units can be saved for another project).  See this bin of half square triangles?  All of those red came from the above quilt and from my Grand Illusion quilt...I have hundreds of the red triangles.

I wanted to come up with something really good for these units...and one day I remembered this quilt on my "someday" list!  It's another Bonnie Hunter quilt called Scrap Crystals....her version is made with greens and blues...

I had to try just one block and it's perfect!  I love it!  Each 12" blocks needs 32 half square triangles!  Perfect for all those bonus squares!

I really don't need to start another this will be put away for now and marinate a little longer, but I'm so happy about this future project!!

Hope you are all enjoying some lovely spring weather...I'm hoping it arrives here in Wyoming soon (we had 5 inches of snow last week!).  The sun is shining today, so I'm happy!

Happy Quilting!