Monday, May 11, 2015

May Update...wrapping things up!

I'm checking in with my monthly update...I've actually been sewing quite a bit and finishing up some gifts that needed to be done before packing up my sewing room.

First up is Texas Tumbleweeds!  I started this on the quilt cruise with Bonnie Hunter last November.  It's going to be given to a good friend here in Wyoming...maybe I should rename it to Wyoming Tumbleweeds.  :)

I really like this one and contemplated putting it on my list to make another one for us to keep...but who am I kidding?  My list is so long already...I'm glad it's going to a good home!

 I really like how the back turned out too!

 The next finish is a baby quilt for a nephew.  The mom to be picked the theme "Guess how much I love you," which is a children's book.  There was a fabric line from a couple years ago and I managed to find a few layer cake pieces and coordinating yardage.  It's a simple design, but I think it worked out well for what I had to work with.

Cute little bunnies... 

I made a matching tote with some of the leftover fabric....

I also completed the May Bitty Blocks for the month...these are 3" bear paws.  Aren't they cute!  Love the little size! 

I zipped up a few zipper bags for gifts...really fun and simple pattern and tutorial you can find here

That's all the sewing that will likely happen in this house!  My sewing machine is going to the spa for a few days and this is what my longarm looks like.  Sad.

Before you know it, I'll be setting it back up in our next stay tuned for the excitement!

Happy Quilting,


  1. You have done a lot of moving, I know, so that is probably why you sound so composed about all this. I have rarely moved in my life and it would put me in a tizzy to be going so soon. I can't believe all the sewing you have completed. Wyoming Tumbleweeds is a perfect name!
    Love the book and the baby quilt you made based on the fabrics--and a tote bag besides! Wow!
    The bitty bear paw blocks are too cute--and so many of them!
    All of those zippered pouches--I've never even made one. That row of them boggles my mind!
    You are amazing, girl! Safe journey to you, and I am still sad that we didn't get to meet up while you were within less than a days drive. : (

  2. Good luck on the move. It looks like you got to "stopping places" on several projects. I always hate packing up projects that are underway. I feel like I'll lose pieces in the move. (Acutally, its my mind that I lose--I have trouble figuring out 1-2 months later just what it was I was working on.)

  3. You certainly have been busy while getting ready to move! Love your "Wyoming" Tumbleweeds!

  4. Such lovely gifts. Can't wait to see where you set up 'shop' next.


  5. It seems like you just moved in and now here you are packing all up again. I feel your pain.

  6. Love all your projects and must be sad taking down your machines....good luck with your move and will look forward to hear how it goes!

  7. You certainly have been busy...all of your projects are truly fun and wonderful

  8. You certainly have been busy...all of your projects are truly fun and wonderful

  9. So many great finishes! Love all of your projects. Hope the move goes well.

  10. I'm sitting here, washer clunking in the basement, with my Bonnie Hunter book open to Texas Tumbleweeds, and I'm Googling, looking for color options and here is YOURs! And I think I've already commented on yours earlier this month?? Anyway, my colors are more jewel-ly, but I LOVE yours. Your quilts are always especially lovely - you have a good sense of color, or perhaps I just LIKE your choices. Thanks for eye once more!

    Elaine Adair, western Nebraska, where our snow has finally melted, again!


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