Sunday, August 16, 2015

Catching up with Bitty Blocks

I realized I hadn't shared my monthly Bitty Blocks since May.  I'm surprised myself that I was able to keep up with these, even during the move!  They are just so fun...and fun is a great motivator.  :)

There were 3" hearts for June....

3" sailboats in July....

and 4" log cabins for August.  I chose to paper piece these and they were sooo fun to make.  I might just have to make a few more!  They take about 1/2 hour each to you do the math on how long I spent making these babies!  LOL  Totally worth it!

edited to add:  4" pinwheels for April!

This is a suggested layout for the Bitties and right now, this is what I plan to do with my blocks.  I'll need 16 each of the 3" blocks and 12 of the 4" far, so good!   I might make the border a little wider, so make it just a bit larger.  We'll see when the time comes!

Are you making the Bitty Blocks?  If you haven't checked them out, head over to the Quiltmaker Magazine blog...all the patterns are still available and each new month is published on the first Monday of each month.  On Instagram, check out #qmbittyblocks.

Happy Quilting!


  1. Yours are looking great! I finished my August Log Cabins today but I still have some boats to are right, they are fun and they sure do use up a few little bitty scraps! Nice job!

  2. This is going to be spectacular when finished Michelle! Way to go keeping up with it all!

  3. I am making bitty blocks..I decided to do two of each hoping I can make two mini samplers..didn't realize they wouldn't all be the same not sure what mine will be when done or if I will be making more, but I LOVE making them too! Hoping to get to my log cabins this week! Love your blocks!

  4. You have done so well to keep up... love your collection of bitty blocks!!

  5. So cute! And very tempting. Love each bitty one and want to make them all. Must resist!! :)


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