Friday, August 14, 2015

Feline Friday

 I'm sure other cat owners can relate...Chloe is my shadow.  She's not the most cuddly, affectionate cat I've ever owned, but she will never let me out of her sight.  If I move to a different room, she is literally at my heals, following me.  

One of her kind of annoying cat antics, if there is a door open, she runs to it.  Cupboards, closets, etc...including the dryer!  Usually though, I would have a second to shoo her away before she got inside.  Not anymore...she dashes in and immediately lays down and starts purring.  I thought if I "toss" the wet clothes on her, she'd jump out of the way.  Nope.  This is cute/funny...but I actually need to be really careful she doesn't get caught in there without me knowing!!  She does it every, single, time.  Bad kitty....

We recently purchased a new scratching post (you can see what they did to the old one)
...ummm, I think she likes it?? 

In the mean time, Smokey has been working on his stomach crunches.  Not.

Happy Quilting and have a great weekend!!  I'm linking up with Sarah Did It!



  1. That dryer thing would stress me out too!! Love the crunches...I have 2 cats in that same position as I type.

  2. Great feline fotos!

  3. OMG ! Thanks for the laugh, Smokey doing stomach crunches! I have one of those biggies..her name is Dahlia..shes on my blog header, hilarious! On another note, gotta love those torties, they are the best...such great personalities and love bugs too!!

  4. Love the kitty calisthenics!
    I had a cat that, if you would scold her about something, she would race to do it faster next time. Anyhow, maybe you could teach her that there are treats on top of the dryer if she'd just jump up there...instead of in the dryer.


  5. I bet Chloe is enjoying her "cat game" with you! Remy's new favorite game is to wake me up at 3:45 or so in the morning. I am not a fan of this game. The photo of Smokey is just irresistible.

  6. Oh my word! What a great post! I am with Smokey here! I know you are really careful with that dryer,but, I have to tell you, please, please, please be aware of checking it every time before you turn it on. And anyone else that uses the dryer needs to be aware of Chloe's antics as well.........
    unfortunately, my friend lost her cat that way. :-(

  7. That makes me laugh!!


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