Friday, August 28, 2015

Feline Friday

Thanks for all the concern about my last Feline Friday post and Chloe getting into the dryer as I am loading it.  It's "cute" and makes us laugh when she's up to her crazy kitty antics, but believe me, I'm freaked out about her getting stuck in there and I don't know it.  So the last two weeks, I've been catching her before she goes all the way in and shooing her away with a firm "no!"  She's showing less and less interest already.  I'm sure she'll move on to something more interesting before too the small garbage cans in my sewing room.  They are tipped over every single day.  Grrrr...

This week she decided she wanted to help me cut fabric!  Somehow, she wasn't helping much.

Do you have one of these scratching boxes for the kitties?  Both of our cats do use it for scratching...but this is the other favorite use.  They both love to sleep on it.  I guess this day they were trying to share...that's as close to cuddling each other as they ever get!

I'm linking up with Feline Friday over at Sarah Did It!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!  It's hard to believe August is almost over!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Happy to hear your little kitcat is lising interest in the dryer but sad she has moved on to the garbage bins. I live when cats cuddle (or at least try)...wish mine would do that...

  2. Inexperienced help at the cutting table can be so hard to bear. : )
    Never have I seen cats sleep on a scratching box. *LOL*

  3. My kitties love those things, and they sleep on it too!

  4. She is a cute little cat and guess they love to play... our Bella love all my sewing things and "playing" with them.... gotta love them!


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