Saturday, September 12, 2015

Saturday musings...

My heart goes out to all those affected by the horrible fires in California (and many other states, I'm sure!).  My entire extended family is being affected by the Butte Fire in the Sierra Nevada area.  My brothers and their families have already been evacuated from their homes, while my sister, her family, and my mom have their cars packed and ready to go when they are told it's time to go.  This is the area where my husband and I grew up, so there is lots of family and lifelong family friends all through this area....many of whom are fire fighters.  I just pray the firefighters are able to contain it before it gets any closer the most populated areas.  It's burned over 60,000 acres already.  

This is a picture my sister sent of the main highway off the mountain...just crazy!

This is the sun from her back porch...apparently it's "snowing" ash...

I just pray and thank God for those firefighters for running TO this massive thing and working so hard to save the homes.

I feel hopeless being so far away.  Nothing much I can do, but pray.  And sew.  :)  I did finish the Bitty Blocks for September.  The Sawtooth Star is probably my most favorite block of all time...with the mini 9 patch ranking right up there with it.  I just love these 4" stars. 

Also, I realized I never told you about my new sewing machine.  I found it on Craig's List and the seller lives almost around the corner and is a fellow quilter.  It's going to be perfect to take to workshops and classes so I don't have to drag my "big" machine.  It sews perfectly.  I don't typically name my machines, but these featherweights seem to need a name.  I looked up what the most popular name was for 1955 (for the year the machine was made)...and it was Mary.  Hmmm....and then one night a thought occurred to me.  I bought the machine in Virginia.  My grandmother's name was Mary Virginia.

So here she is...Mary Virginia...I think she would like it....  

Happy Quilting...


Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Road Trip!

We decided to take a long weekend trip to Melborne, Florida, to see our son.  It's so nice to be able to drive to visit, rather than rely on air travel.  Yes, it's a lot of time in the car, but we don't mind...we can do our own thing, stop when we want, etc, etc.  :)  

We had a great visit, seeing his new house and even helping him with a few projects on his "to-do" list.  In between trips to Home Depot , we did stop at one of the beaches for a little stroll.  The water was sooo warm.  There weren't many people...I think it was too HOT HOT HOT!

It was a great visit and I hope we'll have many more opportunities to visit while we're both here on the east coast...

Of course I must show you his kitty cats...this is Coconut.  She's a feisty, playful little thing.  She's super lean, and all muscle!

This is Atria, his girlfriend's cat.  She's super shy, but started warming up to us.  She was never far away, but she just didn't want you to get too close.  I was able to pet her a few times.  

Another thing road trips are good for...getting caught up on neglected projects.  I'm so excited to be caught up with Buttermilk Basin's Block of the Month.  I love these little blocks and they are so quick to stitch up, I don't know why I procrastinated.  I wonder what September's block will be?  I'm thinking something with an apple...

It's always nice to be home again after a road trip.  Hope you all enjoyed a fun, relaxing weekend!

Happy Quilting!