Wednesday, November 04, 2015

UFO Challenge...Almost finished!

I'm so happy with the progress I made this week on my Garden Party Quilt!  You can see I had plenty of help from the kitties.  I couldn't have done it without their help!  :P

 Here is the center all assembled!  It was a leap of faith to trim all the way around the outer edge...all the squares on the outer edge had to be trimmed down which results in the cool triangle edging...

 Next is the first border.  Next time I'll get a close up of the fabric I used for this border.  It's a beach/sand print I found in Florida after the cruise.  I think it's a great memento of the cruise and where I started this quilt.

Next was the final border and the sat here on the railing for only a couple days.  I was itchin' to get it quilted! 

I've been having a few "issues" with my longarm...but after a few tweaks...ta-da!  Garden Party is all quilted!!  Now on to the binding...I haven't picked out a fabric for the binding yet.  I hope I have something that will work...stay tuned, I hope to have it all finished next week!! 

I haven't shown an update of my leaders and enders in a while...I'm working on the Spoolin' Around Quilt.  I have almost half of the spool blocks I need so far!  Lisa and I have been swapping "kits" for spools to get more variety...we started swapping about 18 months ago!  Maybe another 18 months and I'll have a finished quilt!  :)

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Happy Quilting!


  1. Nice work on your garden party. It really is a fun and lovely quilt.

  2. What a striking quilt! Scrappy ones are always my favorites!

  3. Beautiful quilts--your kitty like me looks like she is not missing any meals

  4. The kitties did a great job on the layout!! Very pretty quilt. I'm working on getting my Grand Illusion blocks webbed together!!

  5. No wonder you made so much progress, with all of those paws helping out! : )
    Just delightful, Michelle! It sparkles.

  6. love the border choice

  7. Your Garden Party is beautiful--I'll bet that trimming was a "heart in my mouth" thing. Sometimes, quilting takes bravery!

  8. I am so impressed! I have not sewn a stitch on it since the cruise. It will get done, but too many other things in line ahead of it right now. Loving yours and am itching to get back to mine as soon as I can work it in. Too many baby quilts and Christmas presents to get done before I can get to it. JEALOUS! Yours is gorgeous! You will love your spools too. I did one but it isn't very big, so one day I may do more to make it bigger!

  9. Just found your blog while hopping around. LOVE how your Garden Party quilt turned out! Makes me want to start my own... just not on a cruise. (Land lover, here.)


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