Monday, February 01, 2016

Quilt Retreat!

Last Monday through Friday, I was lucky enough to be at a quilt retreat!  This is my second time at this location, called Cocalico Quilter's Inn.  Click the link for info and lots of pictures of the inside. The Inn is owned and operated by Burkholders Fabrics in Denver, PA.    Burkholders Quilt Shop is only about a mile away...which meant almost daily trips to shop!!
  I took this picture on Wednesday, I had really warmed up and the snow was melting pretty quickly.  It was snowy last year, too!

The building is a refurbished farmhouse.  The builder used a lot of reclaimed wood from the original house and's really beautiful inside.  There are about 10 bedrooms inside with 1-3 beds in each room.  Plenty of bathrooms too.

This is the sewing room...there were 9 of us and we had plenty of room to spread out.  

Another shot from my spot...

I was playing with the panoramic option on my camera...

I made this little table mat for under my machine...I had a few blocks from a quilt along I started last year.  I didn't stick with the quilt along, but the blocks I had worked great for this.  Not every quilt has to be HUGE, right??  :)

The theme of this retreat was "Crumbs and Strings."  Sheila taught us her technique for making strip sets without the need for a foundation.  Then those strips sets were cut to make these blocks...each strip set made a full block and then units to make the pinwheel type block in the picture above.  It was really fun to see these blocks come together!

Here are a few of everyone's blocks...there was everything from batiks, to civil war-ish, selveges, and mine, which are the darker blues.  Lynn also chose blues...Hi Lynn!!  :)

Next step after making the blocks....are the sashing and stars...

This picture doesn't show how pretty these batik strips really are...

Here is my top...those units around the outside border are "leftovers" from the original strip set.  There was almost no waste!!  It only measures about 38" x 46" at this point, so I need to decide on more borders to make it bigger.

Sheila also taught us "crumb" piecing and we made these cute little drawstring bags...

Here are everyone's all lined up...they are sooo cute!! 

 I also had time to whip up this Quickie Strippie for a friend that will have a baby soon.  Another nighttime picture, so the colors aren't quite right.

 Here are all the ladies (minus one, who had to leave early)!  We had so much fun!

Happy Quilting!


  1. That looks like a beautiful place for a retreat. The work you all did is fabulous. Love those scrappy bags.

  2. You have the most fun! Looks like a delightful place and the projects are wonderful! Love the sashing used to assemble the blocks, and the bags are awfully cute.
    You are right--not every quilt has to be huge. In fact, at my house hardly any quilts have to be huge. That is a great little mat you made for your machine. : )

  3. I am jealous of your travel life! How do you find out about the retreats? I would love to do one nearby.

    Will you be sharing the technique for the strings piecing and cutting? That makes a really neat quilt.

  4. What a fun retreat! Not too far from me - I wonder if I could come sometime......?

    1. Whoops - I thought it was Denver, COLORADO! Guess my visit won't be happening after all! LOL


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