Friday, October 21, 2016

Summer Quilt Finishes...

Looking back through pictures, I realized I only have to finishes two share from the last couple of months...finishes that are MINE, anyway.  I've made three tshirt quilts in the last few months for clients, quilted many tops for clients and for my local guild's Honor Quilt program, and I also made lots of progress on my I guess I can't complain too much!

First up, is a quilt I made for my brother's 50th birthday in August.  I rarely use batiks, and I'm not sure I've ever made a quilt with ONLY batiks.  I LOVE how this quilt turned out.  I used one of the disappearing hourglass block patterns found at Missouri Star Quilt Company.  This is one I would definitely do again!

I finished the binding while we were on a trip to Atlanta.  Our hotel had this nice fence for picture taking!

It's hard to see in this picture, but I used Omni's new variegated thread, which I love!! 

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to give him the quilt in person, but here he is when he received it.  I think he likes it!

Next up is my Spoolin' Around quilt.  I think I've mentioned before that my friend Lisa and I swapped fabric for the spools for almost 2 years.  Most of my spools were made as leaders and enders.  When I got to the last 100 or so, I just had to finish them up!!

I quilted it with a pattern called "Chartreuse."  It's a little too busy on the front to see such a detailed design, but it looks awesome on the back!

I love, love, love, the quilt...but I'll be honest and tell you I'm wondering if it's "too" busy on our bed.  What do you think?  I definitely think I need something other than WHITE pillows!

 In my next post, I'll share how my summer block of the week went and a few other works in progress!! 

 Happy Quilting!


  1. Two glorious finishes. And the Spool Quilt? Definitely NOT too busy for the bed! I think the white pillow cases just need an accent pillow or two in the color of the setting triangles to finish off the bed.

  2. I LOVE it on your bed! Those are both gorgeous quilts. I have done that star quilt and really liked the results. I'd love to do another in your colors.

  3. Your disappearing hour glass quilt is beautiful! I made the same quilt for my sister last year. I used hand-dyed fabrics, and it turned out so pretty! I just quilted my Allietare, and am putting the binding on so I can use it!!!

  4. Love your quilt in batiks. I started that design in a workshop with Jenny Doan a couple of years ago. I really like it, but I haven't done a thing with it since the class. Yours looks fantastic!
    I think that quilt looks great on your bed (and I LOVE your bed), but the accent pillows would be a nice touch.

  5. Beautiful finishes! The DHG is stunning. I bought some of that Omni V kind of by mistake and ended up loving it. Kudos for all the work you got done this month!

  6. Love your spool quilt! I think you should try either navy or red shams. Mine is on our bed and I have dark green shams and it seems to tone it down.

  7. Looks like you had some wonderful family time this past summer! How cool for your hubby and son! Your quilts are beautiful! Your brother's quilt is really masculine looking and I like that. I do NOT think your Spoolin' Around quilt is too busy at all! I love the 4 patches in the border too!

  8. Both of these quilts are gorgeous!! Love them both!!


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