Thursday, December 29, 2016

Best of 2016!!

What better way to get back to my blog than to look back at 2016 and pick a few of the best posts from the year.  I discovered Meadow Mist Design's Linky Party and it sounded like a good way to jump back in and maybe connect with some new bloggers along the way!

So...the idea is to find the top 5 "best" posts from the year.  Let me tell you...I don't have many posts to choose from.  2016 was not a productive year as far as blog posts go...but I'll see what I can come up with...

1.  Most Comments:  Two Finishes!

This isn't much of a surprise since I was sharing my finished Quiltville Mystery quilt...those are always popular!!

2.  Most Views:  Quiltville Mystery Revealed!

Again...not a's always fun to see the final result of the mystery!  This one was especially fun and challenging for me.  I made it "half-size" and it really took me out of my comfort zone for colors and fabrics, but I love it!

3. Meeting "Sew-lebrities"

I was lucky enough to meet up with a few amazing people that I admire and have greatly influenced my quilting life...

Lisa Bongean is amazing with her wool and wool/cotton designs.  I wish I could have one of each of her kits!!  :)  I loved her workshop and would take another if I get the chance!

This was the second time I met Jenny Doan and she is like none other...she's truly feels like a friend you've known forever.

And of course...the renowned Bonnie Hunter.  Even though I've met her more times than I can count, I never miss the chance to take a class (or cruise!!)

4.  Kitty Cats and Quilts...

What can I say....cats and quilts just go together.  Posts with cats are always a favorite and I've found many like-minded quilter friends through our love of kitties!  Our kitties bring us much joy and comfort...I'm so thankful for them!

RIP Sweet fur spreader ever!

Chloe...she loves all quilts (on her terms, of course!) our apprentice quilt inspector and she is learning at lightning speed!

5.  My Favorite Finishes

It's truly hard to pick favorites...but I'll keep it to three!!

Quiltmaker's Itty Bitty Sew Along....I love these bitty blocks...I love that it all came from my "pre-cut" stash too!

This was the first "all batik" quilt I've made and I ended up loving it!  Batiks have never been something I'm super drawn to, but this quilt helped me change my thinking!  Plus it was made for a very special brother turning 50!!

My leader/ender Spoolin' Around quilt.  This was a labor of love!  Two years of making spools as leaders and enders finally assembled into this beauty!  Plus, it has the sentimental aspect of being made with spool fabric swapped with a my best quilting buddy, Lisa.

So there you have Best (and Favorite) posts from 2016.  I'll be linking up with Meadow Mist Designs if you want to check out the other bloggers!

Wishing you all the best in 2017!!  Once again, it will be a year of changes for our house/family...BIG changes...weddings, retirements, moves...and MORE!!  Stay tuned!!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Great post with all beautiful quilts!! I've been waiting for your Bonnie Hunter mystery progress, hint, hint!! I signed up for the APQ UFO challenge and I added to make a Bonnie Hunter quilt, cuz I've printed off ten of her free patterns, but I have yet to make one of her patterns.My Blue Heaven is at the top of that list. Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year, Michelle!

  3. What beautiful quilts. It was fun seeing your Year in review. I wish you the best for 2017.

  4. Great post, what wonderful finishes you had in 2016! Thanks for linking up with the Best of 2016 linky party!

  5. All of them are beautiful quilts! Are you making En Provence, this years mystery quilt?

  6. Michelle, lovely quilts, your are so talented. You are going to have a busy year with all the upcoming events. Wow retirement, Our Daughter in law is going to retire from the Air Force this summer. They are going to stay in Crestview, Fl. Best of a new life to you. Hint retirement isn't bad at all. Marylin Tucker in Kansas

  7. Okay, I am REALLY late to this party but when I found it I HAD to comment! (You posted this the day my Dad died--I was away from blogs for a little bit then.)
    This is a wonderful wrap-up of 2016. Each of the quilts you shared here is a winner! I chuckled about your batik experience. It took me a while to warm up to them, but I love them now. I think your batik quilt is the same pattern I did at a Jenny Doan workshop, but yours is finished and mine is not. I agree with what you said about Jenny. And I have taken a few classes from Lisa, and would do it again in a heartbeat!
    In July I will finally have a couple of classes from Bonnie Hunter, and look forward to that experience.
    Also, I just finished making a second "Porchside Garden" from the cruise you took with Bonnie and Kim Diehl. I gifted the first one, so this one is mine. And now I will pass the pattern along.
    Hope all is going well. When you get a chance, let us know about some of those big changes!!


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