Sunday, December 03, 2017

On Ringo Lake Step 2!

Can you believe week two clue is already here!  The weeks will really fly by between now and Christmas!  Clue 2 has us making lots and lots of flying geese.

I purchased this Essential Triangle Tool a while back, but haven't had a chance to give it a try.  I've used the Easy Angle and Companion Angle for years and years with good honestly, I really didn't want to try something new.  I'm really happy with the results, though, it's just as easy to use as the Easy Angle and Companion Angle.  I can't say I prefer one over the other...I guess it'll just be a matter of which one I find the quickest when needed!  :)

No matter which ruler you use, if you are making geese with this no waste technique, you need right and left neutral corners.  If your strips are all stacked "right side up" when you cut (I cut 4 strips at a time), then you'll end up with all left or all right corners.  In my stack of 4 strips, I put two right side up and two right side down, and it gives me equal amounts of rights and lefts.  I hope that makes sense!!

 I did get all the units cut and ready to go!

I sewed one to see how my sizing was going...and it's perfect!!  I measured a couple others as I went along and some might have been a 1/16th inch too I really just think my seam line here or there gets off, but for the most part they are just the right size! 

 I think I have about 1/4 of the units sewn and I'll work on the rest here and there over the next week.  I do like to have one clue done before the next one is released!!

I was trying to find a fun way to take a picture of these...but I had limited space because... 

...of this!!  She was taking up the back half of my workspace.  Well, I can't place all the blame on Chloe.  If you look closely, she's laying on a pile of strips for another project I'm working on that I just pushed out of the way so I could work on the flying geese!!

I also finished a T-Shirt quilt for a customer this week.  If I do say so myself, these quilts amaze me...the T-Shirts are given to me usually in a garbage bag and when I look in sometimes I think, Ugh...I hope this turns out well!  LOL  But the end result is a fun, cozy quilt full of memories for the owner that includes all of those special t-shirts they couldn't throw out!

The house is all decorated for Christmas!!  We bought a 9' tree this year because we have such high ceilings and I just love it! 

I'm linking up with Bonnie's blog, where you can see all the progress everyone is making on their On Ringo Lake Mystery Quilts!!  Go check it out!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Hi, Michelle! I love reading your blog. The house looks great. Thanks for sharing your work. I have too many irons in the fire to do this mystery. Can you contact me privately about the T-shirt quilt? I made one for a customer. Would appreciate your input for the next one, LOL.

  2. I'm doing Ringo Lake, too! I'm about half way finished with Step 2, and will be working on it all week to be finished before Friday!

  3. Your flying geese look really good! I love the colors you chose. I forgot about my rulers and cut a bunch of squares and rectangles, so now I have to do it with stitch and flip. I have a kitty helper too.

  4. The geese look beautiful.

  5. I used the Essential Triangle Tool when I took Bonnie's classes, and I agree. It works as well as the Easy Angle and Companion Angle. I am more used to those two, so it is easier to grab them and not have to think about what I am doing.
    What a helpful kitty, keeping your scraps in place while you do other things. :)
    Nice job on the T-shirt quilt. Was trying to figure your assembly process. Did you use partial seams in some places? You kind of stumped me.
    Gorgeous tree! Oh, do you love your new home? It looks lovely!

  6. Your geese are beautiful!

  7. I tried a different method for my geese. I think I'll use my Essential Triangle Ruler with the next batch! I'm always surprised when someone chooses to make a "puzzle-style" T-Quilt. It seems SUCH a challenge to assemble. The resulting T-Quilt turned out great!!

  8. I'm loving your colors! Great flying geese!

  9. Your Christmas tree is beautiful and so tall! I'm using the Essential Triangle tool, too. I don't like to waste fabric. You're so right about stacking the neutral strips in pairs. Ask me how I know. Lol


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