Sunday, December 10, 2017

On Ringo Lake...Step 3!!

I'm linking up with Bonnie's Blog...go check out all the progress for the On Ringo Lake Mystery!

Hello Friends!!  I didn't make a lot of progress on Step 3 yet, but that's okay!  'Tis the season lots for extra family events and fun!  Saturday we celebrated Mom's birthday with a production of "White Christmas" at a local theater in downtown Historic Columbia.  The show was amazing!  Afterwards we went to our favorite Italian restaurant.  It was a fun day spent with three generations of family!

 Sunday was my youngest nephew's 1st birthday party!!  He is the cutest!  No one had to convince him to try his birthday cake...he dove right in.  The only time he cried during the whole party was when they took the cake away!!  He would have eaten the whole thing!

Finally, Sunday afternoon I found a little time to get started on this week's units.  First off, I did finish step 2 a couple days ago!

I spent most of the afternoon cutting, cutting, cutting!  I attempted to draw the lines for the flip and sew method...but my eyes are tired and it's not bright enough in my sewing room at night.  I'm calling it a night and I'll do more in the daylight! 

 I made a couple of test blocks and they seem to be okay!  Only a couple hundred more to go!!  LOL

Can't leave without the obligatory kitty picture...she's keeping all my On Ringo Lake fabric warm.

Actually, I have to share another kitty picture.  This is Galaxy...some of you may remember her from past years on my blog.  She is my daughter's kitty and our first grand-kitty.  She lived with us for a year while Megan was away studying in can see she was a great quilt inspector/helper too.  Unfortunately, Galaxy became sick and today she went to kitty heaven.  I wish I could have been with Megan today.   

Goodnight you kitty cat. 


  1. It is always such a busy time with family fun and no time for sewing, but you did manage to get some finished. It will get done in time.

  2. Great work! Sorry about Galaxy--I love black cats.

  3. Your units look great!

  4. You have had an extremely full week! But it has been full of mostly good things.
    So sorry about Megan's kitty. :(

  5. Your units are awesome! They kinda made me nervous to make...checking and checking to make sure I had them going the correct direction!

    I’m so sorry to hear the sad kitty news.


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